YouTube's Worst Blacksmith Makes a Viking Axe! 

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Decided to give blacksmithing another go.
Spring shoes video: hurun.info/to/vide/entkzGqMjnia2rc.html

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Justyn Rice
Justyn Rice 9 napja
@I did a thing to
Krool Music
Krool Music 20 napja
Great profile photo and comment... this is a perfect example of a well respected member of the HUrun comment section. Good day to all
Spök! 23 napja
@Wider Thumbs that's why they named it honey (the founders of honey)
Spök! 23 napja
Bruh get your paragraphs out of here
Wider Thumbs
Wider Thumbs 28 napja
@I did a thing that rhymed
First name Last name
I was first confused when I saw him smear honey on his keyboard and then he said “Awwww, honey” and I audibly said “fuck you”
sunkenproject 17 órája
what's the song in the intro??
missingindy 23 órája
I’m not a blacksmith, and I’ve never met one (but I have met a glass smith before) but I’d say you did great!
Abnormally Large Frog
11:40 Fire Aspect IV
Fremzenec Napja
Jac Wilson
Jac Wilson 2 napja
1:29 horse: this is fine
Unified Horizons
at least he’s not huffing glue
CCL 21
CCL 21 7 napja
this is an amazing video
Sean X
Sean X 7 napja
I have never seen your channel before but I fuckin love it.
Falcon Egg
Falcon Egg 10 napja
yes, put a red-hot piece of steel into flammable oil in PLASTIC container. what could go wrong?
Geekbasher 11 napja
For sveden
UttermostVids 13 napja
Ah dude I got slag from a welder in my glove and it left a nasty mess of a hole
Lasnight 13 napja
I'm an amateur blacksmith currently working on my first axe, figured it was kind of a necessity to rewatch this video...
Carl 13 napja
I fucking love this channel
Water. 15 napja
I like that he didn't have just any hammer under his pillow, he had a peen hammer Yes it is called a peen hammer
Benjamin Kerr
Benjamin Kerr 16 napja
Yea crafted l-l
Benjamin Kerr
Benjamin Kerr 16 napja
Do you actually drink it
Benjamin Kerr
Benjamin Kerr 16 napja
Yea crafted l-l
Benjamin Kerr
Benjamin Kerr 16 napja
Please tell me how
Benjamin Kerr
Benjamin Kerr 16 napja
Cuz im might try
krool_aid 17 napja
If anyone was confused, double-sided axes are for battle.
TheLegend27 17 napja
You're a raider. Legendary
Cristofer Choucoutou
jennifer berry
jennifer berry 19 napja
It has to be used motor oil harden the steel because of the carbon in it
jennifer berry
jennifer berry 19 napja
The reason u have a double bit ax is one side is ment to be razor sharp and the other is for a blunt working edge to cut bushes and stuff u might hit dirt with.
Joe Schreider
Joe Schreider 19 napja
This axe Skyrim 40 wheels of cheese
Richard Lesley
Richard Lesley 19 napja
The addon honey it's trash I've tried it and not 1 coupon has worked from 1 site I've been to and I've been to slot don't get it it's a wast
thermal_foxy4 20 napja
wait honey is a sompthing you download i just put honey on my key bord and hopped for the best
Inventions with O
Taylor Aston
Taylor Aston 20 napja
Hugo van Dam
Hugo van Dam 20 napja
That keyboard bit at the end made me feel uncomfortable...
Fear Foxy
Fear Foxy 20 napja
Men: danger Women: art Toddlers: *FOOD*
AJ Smith
AJ Smith 20 napja
I guess the double headed axe was an axe-ident. Bad-um-tsssss
terrortoaster 498
What a seemless and breath taking sponsor transition
terrortoaster 498
This guy is genuinely funny.
Shem Ocampo
Shem Ocampo 21 napja
How is he still alive
GiantDuckShark 21 napja
you did a thing!
Marquis Collazo
Marquis Collazo 22 napja
“Trust in the all father” - Bloodhound
Dr Domentos
Dr Domentos 23 napja
The reason doble headed axes actually isent useles for cuting is because you have two different grinds on the different bits, usaly one whit a sharpe edge fore limming and one more dull for chopping.
Just saying You stole the intro music from chefs table
SykeAmer88 _
SykeAmer88 _ 24 napja
3:10 is he walking on nothing!!!
Xoilide gameplays
Now I know why he where’s that brown, weird looking thing!
Stalker 25 napja
good job, gary
Tristin Dean
Tristin Dean 25 napja
To the people want to now. The reason for two head was for two reasons. For a "commercial" lumberjack having to cut down a lot of trees has two sharp sides so when one blade gets dull they just switch. On a homestead one side is for felling trees (Sharp) and the other side has a wider edge so its dull but is better for splitting logs.
Xoom 25 napja
“Are you a mindless consumer” Said whilst wasting a whole tub of expensive honey
Martin Frost
Martin Frost 25 napja
It dident work 😕
John carlo Cardona
not trying to be a know it all but a double bitted axe has one thiner edge for chopping and a edge with a more of a wedge shape to split.
Denis Roy
Denis Roy 26 napja
A double headed axe (battle axe) was manly used in battle (obviously) and was pretty useful because you didn't need to swing as much as a normal axe, you could swing left and right very easily, and, yes it heavier than a normal one, but by it being heavier, they hit harder
Wyatt Belcher
Wyatt Belcher 26 napja
5:47 did he have his butt out?
manamana 26 napja
COOL VIDEO! i watched it completly :-)
Krypton 26 napja
The joke was very serious
Hunter Menier
Hunter Menier 27 napja
This dude is weird I like it ima subscribe 😂
Killer Soul Aka
Killer Soul Aka 27 napja
The cheeks at 4:34
YaBoiOthman 27 napja
what a fucking chad, blacksmithing barefoot
Sebastian Huggins
“Ahhahaha honey” smoothest sponser shoutever
ceylin Türkmen
ceylin Türkmen 27 napja
Chance Haugland
Chance Haugland 27 napja
7:24 wait so if you stuck two pieces of pure metal together in a vacuum, they weld themselves together? Huh, neat.
coala tedioso
coala tedioso 28 napja
Damm ur thicc using that holed jeans hu
Jeffery Bauduin
Jeffery Bauduin 28 napja
2 heads mean 2 blades so when one gets dull you can flip it.
Kapteeni Korkki
Kapteeni Korkki 28 napja
Goddamit man, your videos are a gift from the gods. I lost it at the "cut the metal with scissors." -part.
Cobalt 28 napja
11:39 my mans got Fire Aspect II
Sharon Riley
Sharon Riley 28 napja
The cutest thing is when the baby tries to pick up the pasta
00F GAMING 28 napja
Bro how long did the honey take to clean😂
Carson Schmitz
Carson Schmitz 28 napja
any1 realize the music when hes forge welding is also in the lobby gunfight scene in john wick 3
SeHaJ aHuJa
SeHaJ aHuJa 28 napja
Watch This Old Tony to learn how to properly use scissors to cut metal. Amature.
Destroyer Jake
Destroyer Jake 28 napja
5:00 Abstract art in a nutshell
Miguel 29 napja
Australian: I have a gun Hobo: stop the cap, stop it right now 😂
giovanni pezzin
giovanni pezzin 29 napja
you laugh, but my grandfather cured his iron deficiency by eating nail grindigs from his father's shoeshop. bamboozled by this, he became a chemistry professor.
NguyenNgocThao Nguyen
The busy hell marginally whirl because soap alternatively wriggle of a jazzy december. exciting exclusive, furry furtive worm
DaYoutuber 29 napja
11:33 America: OIL! OIL! OIL! OIL! OIL! *invade Australia*
Allstreamer _
Allstreamer _ 29 napja
Ah yes a "Blacksmith"
Dulguun Ch
Dulguun Ch 29 napja
15:00 watching that makes my body go into instant pain
Adam Sun
Adam Sun 29 napja
who hired this guy
Seed_Beed Hónapja
2 headed axes is made for battle not work
shadow Hónapja
probably not very sharp
Misanthropy Hónapja
Not nearly as beautifully chaotic, but you remind me of Micarah Tewers 🙂
bard oram
bard oram Hónapja
did you get the slow mo axe hitting song from john wick
Aryan Thakur
Aryan Thakur Hónapja
“Keeping the country nice and toasty” I am dying lmao😂😂😂
Phil Verhey
Phil Verhey Hónapja
LOL the "Iron" in your blood is NOT the same thing as metallic Iron 😂🤣
viking axes have two sides because, if one side gets dull, you can switch to the other side which is sharp, this applies to pickaxes too, i think it does to swords too but im not sure, i can confirm this applies to pickaxes and double headed axes
Reeflionfish Hónapja
Not only did he chop wood with bare feet but he also wasted a bucket of honey. That man scares me.
Pretty Good man
Pretty Good man Hónapja
Honey keyboard i guess
Fiberglass Cheese
The other side of the axe is for counter weight so the ax isn’t one sided
first last
first last Hónapja
This guy is one of the funniest people ever
gloomytext Hónapja
watching you do this is honestly terrifying.
Jay Boutros
Jay Boutros Hónapja
@LinusTechTips would be very so proud of that Segway
Cameron Jeske
Cameron Jeske Hónapja
A two headed axe is so that if one side gets dull you have another side
Korlyboy 28
Korlyboy 28 Hónapja
double headed axes exist because sometimes you need two different kinds of axes one for cutting down trees and one for splitting wood. so with a double headed axe you can have essentially two different axes in one.
NIck E
NIck E Hónapja
thank you for being you
bard oram
bard oram Hónapja
Filip Sostek
Filip Sostek Hónapja
Every video i feel like somebody is going to die
Matthew Frydendall
can you make a hoverboird
Julie McCullough
My brother died do to drinking rust with coffee do to this video I blame you
Mina Aries
Mina Aries Hónapja
Gaddamn those cheeks😳 Love how he blurs them out the first time but doesn’t bother the second time haha
Brandon Gilbert
Brandon Gilbert Hónapja
You didn't sharpen it
Random Knife
Random Knife Hónapja
burnt cheese
squiddles Hónapja
man u gotta be careful with some of these jokes lol i wonder how many kids added rust water to their coffee
Tomas Whelan
Tomas Whelan 24 napja
Haha if a kid drinks rust he deserves to he sick haha
squiddles Hónapja
@Random Knife not many i guess but its possible that a few kids missed that its a joke and may actually try rust water in some form
Random Knife
Random Knife Hónapja
kids drink coffee?
squiddles Hónapja
of courseee theres a purpose for a 2 sided axe. in case one side gets dull mid job or if the sides have different blade styles. then each side has a different use
LilPugster Hónapja
LilPugster Hónapja
hey u broke my keybord
G1 EXPERT Hónapja
You don't know about the use of a 2 headed axe YOU DO NOT KNOW THE LAZER
Ajax KMA
Ajax KMA Hónapja
My sim reading a book: 10:05
Oleksiy Hrytsiv
Oleksiy Hrytsiv Hónapja
2:11 “You really should not be reading this... ...i do not no how to use a type writer” -personally my favorite part of the video
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