We used an ILLEGAL Covid Test from Wish! 

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This is an educational video. Demonstrating the dangers of purchasing covid tests online. Always see a trained health professional and never buy a test kit online.

Patreon: www.patreon.com/user?u=13180179
Twitter: ididathing1
Discord: discord.gg/mppfmHW
Sources: www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-01/coronavirus-at-home-test-kits-selling-in-the-chinese-community/12095658




2020.aug. 3.






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I did a thing
I did a thing 9 hónapja
Sign up to my Patreon. Otherwise im gonna have to do a Raid: Shadow Legend Ad......please dont make me do it. www.patreon.com/user?u=13180179
Matteo Drew
Matteo Drew 10 napja
@Randy Santino Yup, have been watching on flixzone for since december myself :)
Randy Santino
Randy Santino 10 napja
Pro tip: watch movies on Flixzone. Been using it for watching lots of of movies recently.
justin blake
justin blake Hónapja
Be careful with wish! I have criminal charges from border force coz of that website and they often put illegal little extras in
Spencer Cochran
Spencer Cochran 2 hónapja
Sabian Khan
Sabian Khan 3 hónapja
It's yer boi......
gamerman 5 napja
Greg McB
Greg McB 9 napja
Don’t dilute the blood
Jobby Lickenbob
The uvula is what you pointed to. The epiglottis is the little flap that covers your wind pipe when you swallow food.
Inuyo 9 napja
*the FBI wants to know your location*
Michael Ardhie
I almost puked when i saw alex poke the needle in his finger
Jerahmy Smith
Jerahmy Smith 10 napja
Your friend looks like an Australian Ben Stiller
Khmere kon
Khmere kon 12 napja
it's amazing how this video didn't get the yellow circle and the money sign-
Jessica Nimtz
Jessica Nimtz 12 napja
Wasn't this the same dude from the hot tub in the bird bath vid?
Die Geburtsstunde der Komödie
Why isn't there any fluid for the covid ag test?
iss yaboi
iss yaboi 13 napja
Omfg it's 69k
Nathan West
Nathan West 14 napja
and now, less than a year later, I can get free covid tests from the drugstore :D
Max Phillips
Max Phillips 14 napja
Those prawns in those gutters are a serious fire hazard
Camyboy 10833 Ide
Bro are the creatures in the pond still alive after this video
Jan Biedermann
Jan Biedermann 18 napja
funny.... all the things that happen across the pond....
Iryna Yaroshchuk
Hahaha even my brother has his own desert Eagle week power at 10:37 hahahaha I have my own tank
jack 585
jack 585 21 napja
can we just talk abt ops fucking jaw line ... its more defined then my grades
Oh God Not Again
I don't know why, but during the coughing fit from the fire leading into a flying mandirin was funny to me
Suprxme Meme
Suprxme Meme Hónapja
hey guy
Et Ouellet
Et Ouellet Hónapja
I love these duet videos keep doing more please
Spooker Joe
Spooker Joe Hónapja
Yael Engen
Yael Engen Hónapja
lexi Hónapja
*i did a thing*
C. I. A
C. I. A Hónapja
Wish more like wish you luck
Dark Blade
Dark Blade Hónapja
I am thoroughly satisfied with how many times "prawn" was said, your new content needs more prawns
Marin Milos
Marin Milos Hónapja
Bro is the right guy a Balkan guy
Dane Roberts
Dane Roberts Hónapja
the epiglottis is not the dangly thing, the dangly thing is a uvula, an epiglottis is a little fleshy flap in your throat that keeps food from bludgeoning your lungs.
Elton DeFrance
Elton DeFrance Hónapja
Thought I was going crazy trying to think of the word uvula
kyle Culp
kyle Culp Hónapja
Wish is fantastic for alot of things if you spend the 2 fucking seconds to actually read whats said. Ive been using wish for years and not once have I received anything that was shit.
Cyrix373 Hónapja
Theirs two of them
Ol' Jim Eagle
Ol' Jim Eagle Hónapja
Is it worse than Ali Baba though?
WingedFish117 Hónapja
This is the most scuffed filming setup I've ever seen just a whole ass dude on a roof filming
Jacob Hubbard
Jacob Hubbard Hónapja
Exactly how much Monty Python you watched growing up? I'm guessing a lot, and its fantastic.
Bugsandbrodi AKA-El Barto
Where’s that other video?!?!
Fade_Xon Hónapja
I have that same mouse the g502 hero
Michael van Baalen
Ok for real I need a pigeon holder.
Jakub Augustine
Jakub Augustine Hónapja
Moustache is dan and fil. And lanky land mammal is a child with adult intentions.
I think I'm in a room with the other guy in the women's and children's.
imuncreative Hónapja
it GIVES you covid
Nicholas Šmilo
Nicholas Šmilo Hónapja
i was like wtf is prawns then I did a thing's brother start throwing shrimps at I did a thing and his mate
Paul Johnston
Paul Johnston Hónapja
p p po po
Dob Dob
Dob Dob Hónapja
So his I q is negative
James Taylor
James Taylor Hónapja
That test looks awfuly similar to a Canine Parvovirus (CPV) Vomit and Stool test kit...
βØIŞ ØỮŦ Hónapja
15:02 why is the cameraman hard?!
Brian C
Brian C Hónapja
The overt pest characteristically decide because delete coronally screw on a common day. telling, forgetful pastor
SPRAY Hónapja
0:53 *Russia nation anthem plays*
Ethan Taylor
Ethan Taylor Hónapja
that fire thing was red phosphorus, if you burn red phosphorus you get a small amount of white phosphorus, which is so sensitive it can then further combust with just rubbing between the fingers. white phosphorus is also highly toxic and can indeed make it through the skin in small amounts. don't lick ur fingers bois.
Ethan Taylor
Ethan Taylor Hónapja
@Yusuf Vally lol, at least you didn't break the Geneva convention and make a white phos one.
Yusuf Vally
Yusuf Vally Hónapja
@Ethan Taylor I used red phosphorus to make a bomb, it made my ears ring for a week
Ethan Taylor
Ethan Taylor Hónapja
@Yusuf Vally yes well done, more precisely the striker strip.
Yusuf Vally
Yusuf Vally Hónapja
Red phosphorus is matches
Sting BOI 1
Sting BOI 1 Hónapja
must be nice having a chin on par with muscular squidward
Jyrky Hónapja
Thats another strange thing about Wish, WHY DO THEY HAVE SO MUCH BIRD HOLDERS!!!
kieron meikle
kieron meikle Hónapja
You did it wrong
Shisui Uchiha
Shisui Uchiha Hónapja
Huge huh? Nice to know
TheSeal Hónapja
mmm... Your belly button smells nice
yenski69 Hónapja
Every American person when he said he got shrimp from kholes 😶
Altair4611 Hónapja
1:53 I was going to say "Oh its just a pentax so its fine" but nope its a nikon
Turtlenator97 Hónapja
Jubby Bamboozle
Jubby Bamboozle Hónapja
Thanks for blurring the blood
Sofia Baldwin
Sofia Baldwin Hónapja
Okay so like I’m new and this is the first video I’ve seen his face and bruh lemme tell you the levels of GORGEOUS on this man! I was like, “Woah what?” 😫😳😂😂😂 I just bruhed myself into non existence.
Darksteelflame gd
Is that a G502 you got there?
ben knox
ben knox Hónapja
That poor D70, it can't shoot video either, bloody great prop tho, pond angle best angle, next time use a gopro and get a legit pond angle pls
Tudor Moise
Tudor Moise Hónapja
epiglottis isn't the dangly thing ._.
Y does it make sense to make the COVID test go deep near the brain if it’s so easily spread thru coughing and sneezing
Did he accidentally drop his Camera in the pond And just decide to make it a part of the video
cylops mii
cylops mii Hónapja
Brandon Vinson
Brandon Vinson Hónapja
The dangly thing is a uvula Not to be confused with the vulva
Saket Annu
Saket Annu Hónapja
Matteo Didin
Matteo Didin Hónapja
Alternative title: I tried to kill myself.
The Swiss Guy
The Swiss Guy Hónapja
9:19 this part‘s so funny... especially that feckin‘ mandarin!
smiork valexy
smiork valexy Hónapja
Today, i've learned that prawns do in fact, go both ways.
ATLHooligan Hónapja
C is control, T is test fooking idiots...
Leslee Lane
Leslee Lane Hónapja
Now get an HIV test! 😵😖😳
Leslee Lane
Leslee Lane Hónapja
Who was the friend in the video? He was in the hot tub video, right?
Leslee Lane
Leslee Lane Hónapja
2 minutes in and I can’t wait.
Jade Greenwood
Jade Greenwood Hónapja
i dont get why u want him to say the n word so much? :D
miata gaming
miata gaming Hónapja
So what he’s not actually gonna say it lol
FatheredRock8 Hónapja
The first product looks like a hickey
nyree shropshire
Goodguy Typhlosion
Goodguy Typhlosion 2 hónapja
Don't mess with the pond I think canceling your friend over the pond would work better than anything "racist"
Dark Shadow
Dark Shadow 2 hónapja
Is it me or is there a prawn through the window at 8:14
GRVTY Raza 2 hónapja
My man got a diabetic finger pricker needle from China and used it lol
Laser lars
Laser lars 2 hónapja
accually i like this
Laser lars
Laser lars 2 hónapja
pls dont turn in to this kinda channel, or make a second channel where you make this kinda vids
miata gaming
miata gaming Hónapja
He won’t don’t worry
Asher Gape Anima Mundi
camera man 2 is cute
Aleksander Weedman
Aleksander Weedman 2 hónapja
Hi, I am interested in making videos so I got question about your equipment. Where you got guy to hold camera?
Floris van Nederpelt
Is that other guy your brother?
kat 2 hónapja
pond angle was beutyfull
B3autySparks 2 hónapja
this is the first video I watched after my dads funeral, as I had just come home from it and was shovelling chocolate into my mouth. this video made my day.
B3autySparks 2 hónapja
@I did a thing 🥺 thank you for your videos
I did a thing
I did a thing 2 hónapja
glad i could help
Xiaodong Wang
Xiaodong Wang 2 hónapja
The near myanmar interstingly scold because spruce therapeutically trap besides a giddy soap. internal, left couch
Blake Freddi
Blake Freddi 2 hónapja
The spotless billboard concurringly wonder because bed proximally crack round a milky fiberglass. wonderful, abrupt syria
William Mcgregor
William Mcgregor 2 hónapja
6 months later, are they till there?
SmonkyWontBeatYa 2 hónapja
the australian version of ian and anthony
Cool_init 5000
Cool_init 5000 2 hónapja
Hold on, so I can watch a man do ILLEGAL COVID TESTING, but I can’t watch a man USE A FRICKN’ FLAMETHROWER?!? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU HUrun?!?
Ooooh get the pigeon holder!
BKB Smoke 212
BKB Smoke 212 2 hónapja
My brain cells before this video:📉📉📉📉 My brain cells after:📈📈📈📈
Luca Pogainis
Luca Pogainis 2 hónapja
Fiachra mcGuinness
Fiachra mcGuinness 2 hónapja
Pigeon holders 😂
Comandante 2 hónapja
perfect location to record a pondcast
ingo cottier
ingo cottier 2 hónapja
The camera man is wearing a eunuchs shirt
Hyper 2 hónapja
Prawns? Prawns.
William H
William H 2 hónapja
That is not the epiglotis. The dangly thing is the uvula. The epiglottis is the thing that covers the windpipe when you swallow so you dont choke.
mixable meme
mixable meme 2 hónapja
"Great" = verb Great = good
a lex
a lex 2 hónapja
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