This Is What Rubber Bullets Do To Your Head! 

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This is an educational video outlining how to stay safe during protests. Do not try anything in this video at home.

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How to treat Pepper Spray: www.blackcrosscollective.org/page7.html










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I did a thing
I did a thing 10 hónapja
VIDEO HAS BEEN DEMONETIZED...which means no moolah for me. So If you liked this video please share it around :)
Police brutality is demonetized cause yes
mat sut
mat sut 24 napja
1:20 I have no idea why
David Tyrel
David Tyrel 26 napja
ngl good
Benjamin McDonald
No fucking duuh
guyfunguy 2
guyfunguy 2 2 hónapja
It has been demonetized for a good reason. Only sharing 1 side of a huge situation.
Tanner Maple
Tanner Maple 15 órája
I don’t know what ur being fed in Australia but many of these protest are far from peaceful
juju 6 órája
dear god shut up please
Tanner Maple
Tanner Maple 12 órája
@Tomings explain pls
Tomings 12 órája
Weird how upset people get when you execute people for nonviolent alleged crimes
So wear a gas mask, a helmet and a bulle- I mean.. tough guy vest
Fun fact: spider webs are a valid option for the bullet catching layer of a vest, if I remember correctly..
juju 6 órája
a certain type of spiders are used to make tough ass webs that are used for bulletproof shit
insanity wolf
I think he should have cracked that egg and put it in his eyes.
Immortui Praebibo
What's that song at the beginning?
Ramy H
Ramy H Napja
music in 20:58 plz?
the mango
the mango 2 napja
The important part is that you say "sir" when you're murdering someone for daring to breathe.
Zegmaar semc
Zegmaar semc 2 napja
The thing is, those cops have family and get SENd to do this at protests “then don’t be a cop” those people gotta feed their family’s too and don’t come at me with 1 in a 500 cop stuff cuz those 499 are still good people
Tomings 12 órája
If you have one criminal cop the rest are accomplices. Look up bent badges it’s pretty fucked up
Zegmaar semc
Zegmaar semc 2 napja
“My friend who was peacefully protesting” while pushing and pulling with 300 ppl in a small parking garage
Zegmaar semc
Zegmaar semc 2 napja
Robbers harrasers murderers rapists taking notes rn
Zegmaar semc
Zegmaar semc 2 napja
I really really hate how it’s cops against people, iam in police acedamy and will soon get to the school for military police force but seeing shit like this is just ... iam getting shouted at for wearing blue when Iam in my practical exams bc of some dusty ass bad police schooling in America
Zegmaar semc
Zegmaar semc 2 napja
“Peaceful protestors” where I live it’s only considered peaceful when it doesn’t jam traffic and is held on a open field where u don’t bother anyone who has nothing to do with it, any other way will result in prison time
Zegmaar semc
Zegmaar semc 2 napja
It doesn’t mean all cops are bad too, it means some shouldn’t have passed police academy
juju 6 órája
not all bad but all bastards (corrupt)
Vlad 2 napja
You done it wrong, the person who is helping should hold the eyelids open while pouring and tell the persson to roll their eyes or to look in one direction while pouring and then next time in another direction and so on so fort
pain jpeg
pain jpeg 2 napja
I did a thing is the person that everyone wants, boys, girls, platypuses, everyone.
Amateur, i have had a pebble the size of a crumb in my eye before, it took about 5 hours to get out
Six Gorillion
Six Gorillion 3 napja
Lmao mate, look up FBI crime stats to see why things are the way they are.
RigJig 5 napja
11:25 my plant that I hadn't watered in a week
RigJig 5 napja
I did a thing logic: cucumber is weapon
FrozenTurtl 5 napja
Yep, welcome to American stupidity
Gilhadriel 6 napja
Yay, yesterday was first of May! Luckily didn't get peppered ... this time :) , usually watchn your videos for the aussie slang is miss so verry much, and because you produce the most serious videos in such a high quality all the time. Thanks!
Tiger Dude
Tiger Dude 6 napja
I’m not gay, but you’re handsome asf..
Giorgo Goestur
Michael Jackson is way smarter than I initially believed
CoolGhoul Gaming
Lmao I get the intro, but damn bro that’s some trouble for people who can’t take jokes
Phobics 8 napja
Rubber bullet... shot out of a grenade launcher, nothing wrong here
YouTube Moderator
This is horrible 😅 supporting the race war.
Dirk Stubbs
Dirk Stubbs 8 napja
Love the smell of a 40 mike mike
Randy Monger
Randy Monger 9 napja
Is it illegal to make your own tough guy vest in Australia? Thought thats where he lives figured if you couldn't buy it you couldn't make it. -american gun lover but don't wanna Google it
Democrats Are just nazis
No these garbage protesters aren’t even close to peaceful. Killing dozens of people, burning down buildings(including 158 federal ones) and destroying small businesses who already can’t open their store due to corona causing them to go into debt.
Tomings 12 órája
Citation needed
Greg McB
Greg McB 9 napja
Tell me you mixed that up correctly with the right solvents or oils, cap is not water soluble
painkillahs 9 napja
America a land where nobody has any rights and everybody gets shot by the police
@Youngcabbage1 There‘s a bit of truth, but mainly i was joking
Youngcabbage1 8 napja
You're joking right?
TROLLIOSIS #1 11 napja
Aussie without gun or a knife is just a Brit
Bonk 11 napja
Where do i buy your vest from, im australian ill just write “THIS VEST IS LEGAL” on the front and back so ill be fine
NiightSlayer YT
NiightSlayer YT 12 napja
I walked by a protest and almost got shot
Tz productions
Tz productions 13 napja
Tz productions
Tz productions 13 napja
Hot milk scene
... rubber bullets are supposed to deter protesters... it is not meant to kill or severely harm people. These things become very necessary when protestors become armed or overly prepared to neutralize tear gas or regularly used deterrents
LandoRAY 28
LandoRAY 28 14 napja
Combating racism with racism
Hi there Person
Hi there Person 14 napja
Wish the people looting would get shot
ken kahan
ken kahan 14 napja
You're a legend in England dude...sharing and something I usually never do...subscribing! Please tell me you have Patreon. Love to buy you a coffee!
FlyingKitty 290
FlyingKitty 290 15 napja
I got shot and just became white and the bullet just said gday and left it’s that easy
thelolz XD
thelolz XD 15 napja
Travis Cozza
Travis Cozza 16 napja
Fucking ridiculous. I liked your channel until this trash. Look what the "black" person did to get in that situation. Picking and choosing is not accurate. Look up the facts and quit inciting racism.
that brown kid
that brown kid 13 napja
hes not racist lol
Ron C
Ron C 16 napja
As soon as you started talking abt pepper spray my eyes started tearing up 😂
HitDemBeans 17 napja
Is the violin in the background Bella caio? I recognized it from money heist
mario saute
mario saute 17 napja
this guy is so racist
that brown kid
that brown kid 13 napja
how is he racist
Windoge 11
Windoge 11 17 napja
Doesn’t he know “Tough Guy” is a urinal company?
Daoptz 17 napja
Bro this is highly racist!
that brown kid
that brown kid 13 napja
how is it racist
mario saute
mario saute 17 napja
i agree
Codi Serville
Codi Serville 17 napja
7:46 Bella Ciao?
marito_yo 18 napja
Weird fetish but okay
purpleghostone 19 napja
Mayham airsoft
Mayham airsoft 19 napja
I don’t like your view and your thoughts but idc your content=big good and funny
FUNNY MAN 20 napja
This is the first time I have seen his face
Vanessa Flores
Vanessa Flores 20 napja
The cop tho
Torey Weaver
Torey Weaver 20 napja
"Also, I don't know which one of you told the copers i was making an illegal tough guy vest" 🤣💀
Ethan Meyer
Ethan Meyer 20 napja
Why that milk so thick my guy.
Parker Bartnicki
All Alex’s aside, I tackled that man with the cross bow and my buddy filmed it. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Parker Bartnicki
swissworrier 20 napja
you are rasest
that brown kid
that brown kid 13 napja
how is he racist
Carter Brooks
Carter Brooks 20 napja
Wtf were you idiots thinking
Cay Millet
Cay Millet 20 napja
It's BS
Swagchadd 69
Swagchadd 69 20 napja
Man it’s a good thing that that don’t aim for the head
Uros Markovic
Uros Markovic 20 napja
Hitler be like watching the racist start at the video : ah a man of culture
Stan Verduijn
Stan Verduijn 20 napja
PiggyPlayzMC 21 napja
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that we actually see his face for once...?!?
russki 21 napja
i love this channel but this is kinda screwed up
Luke 123
Luke 123 21 napja
21:46 ronnie mcnutt
ItzToazty 21 napja
use Tricky's mask to protect yourself. (Tricky is from madness combat, look it up!)
max nur max
max nur max 21 napja
A national hero ned kelly😂
Natam 21 napja
18:30 damm this guy is RIPPED
Fluffalizer 21 napja
As someone from Iceland this is how I view America 👍
Guy Schwieger
Guy Schwieger 18 napja
As an American I sadly do too
Gene Whitmoyer
Gene Whitmoyer 21 napja
He looks ripled lmao
Greasy Toes
Greasy Toes 22 napja
The fact that you had all of these facts wrong kinda annoys me
Greasy Toes
Greasy Toes 14 napja
@nusior Yeah it annoys me when people who don’t even live in America talk about how unfair the system is, as if they really know anything about it.
nusior 14 napja
Yeah that's such bulshit. I'd get it if it's sarcasm to make fun of people who like to spew this kind of fake stats to justify all that blm shitshow in the US. But it didn't sound like it.
Greasy Toes
Greasy Toes 15 napja
@Colonel Corn ok
Colonel Corn
Colonel Corn 15 napja
@Greasy Toes ok
Greasy Toes
Greasy Toes 15 napja
Basically just the stuff in the beginning about black Americans treated so unfairly like saying black Americans are 2.5x more likely to get shot, and saying that “peaceful protesters“ get shot with live ammunition.
Who would of known he has abs
Bruh_exe smh
Bruh_exe smh 22 napja
17:03 sooooo what were you up to? 🥵😩
Elliot Boyer
Elliot Boyer 22 napja
I was watching this while eating mac n cheese, now it doesn't taste good during the pepper spray
Cock 22 napja
What is the song called at the start?
Sam H
Sam H 23 napja
He turned into a broken NPC from fallout
peter jones
peter jones 23 napja
another fiery but mostly peaceful idat video
Mystic Brrr
Mystic Brrr 23 napja
So ur liking blm? Ew.
Mr Tortoise
Mr Tortoise 22 napja
Blm is kinda cringe
Joshua H.
Joshua H. 24 napja
22:28 American here, that translates to about 2 football fields (with endzones) in 1 second. So about as fast as X NFL draft prospect
Sebi TV
Sebi TV 24 napja
* Guy who Protests against something burns down several cars * Also that Guy: WhY dO tHe PoLiCEmEn waNt TO arrESt Me
StudioGame 24 napja
Plot twist: he lives in Australia
Blazing Kush
Blazing Kush 24 napja
Track ID of first track?
The Founder Of Iraq
they where stolen? idc was that cheese cake bussin? did you feel like a cowboy?
vj lateo
vj lateo 24 napja
bruh thats slot of damage 💥 😅
ModernMetalZzz 25 napja
Sock gun
FancyCatVomit 25 napja
He needs some milk!
Froggie Chiaki
Froggie Chiaki 25 napja
Mom: why don't you play with the other kids? The kids: 12:19
dysphoric dumbass
froggie chiaki is the greatest image i've ever seen thank you
Ceiling Fan
Ceiling Fan 25 napja
Doll Creppy
Doll Creppy 25 napja
I have a easier way to avoid damage Just don't get on a protest if you have own love to yourself
FeelFreeToThink 26 napja
Ice Puppy
Ice Puppy 26 napja
0:36 a stolen cheese cake
Itsye McNishe
Itsye McNishe 27 napja
The song at the end it Bella cioè
Shnood 27 napja
i didnt know you were reddit :/
Sherdil Nazar
Sherdil Nazar 27 napja
0:57 bro pull up your pants
The Unspoken
The Unspoken 27 napja
Lol yup
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