This Halloween Costume will make you Depressed 

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Peak hour traffic makes me cry.
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I did a thing
Sorry for making such a spooky video. I will be providing psychological support for comments below
cody silva
cody silva Hónapja
17 jobs?? Really?
H Hónapja
My wife left me
TheRadiantDehd Hónapja
At 23, I already feel this costume too much... and I don’t even use public transport
L2 tad
L2 tad 3 hónapja
BodaciousDoggo 5 hónapja
Why did the app I was using crash, deleting 40% of my work for the yearbook contest
Adam Sheppard
Adam Sheppard 4 napja
I disagree. Bureaucrats are the scariest thing known to man. They have no joy. No aspirations. Their job is to make you miserable
nick de vries
nick de vries 18 napja
Never lauged this hard since covid xD
Bob Tracksuit
Bob Tracksuit 28 napja
But you went to the sesh!
Dat Guy Tino
Dat Guy Tino 29 napja
I like how this isn’t artificially inflated to 10 minutes
Zeromega 3
Zeromega 3 Hónapja
Seriously man, my kids are watching. The existential dread is already hitting them. One’s debating if retiring early is worth it, or to just gamble on another year hoping for the workman’s comp fairy to splash a bucket of water their way
Spencer Cochran
Spencer Cochran Hónapja
Dude, literally so good
wyatt calton
wyatt calton Hónapja
am sconed bruhv
Einer van Dankenstein
the clubbing scene in the end really made me depressed... gosh i miss going out for a dance :(
Wombattler Hónapja
Whats the backround music
Wombattler 17 napja
Turns out its Fortress Europe by Dan Boden
Modern Medusa
Modern Medusa Hónapja
I had to pause for a second after "whipper snipper". That sounds like an australian version of american phrases like "skeeter eater". I'm fucking crying
Kahetabi Hónapja
You've turned depression into art, that's enough inspiring to forget about impending doom for another day
Martin M
Martin M Hónapja
My life isn't finite! I can procrastinate, watching I did a thing videos all day every day without any bad consequences whatsoever.
SemNikit Hónapja
I am at the level of depression where the thought of the death coming closer every second is a cheerful thought. Eventually one day death will relieve me of my suffering.
bananas stuff
bananas stuff Hónapja
Please find something nice to do. Go for a run, ride a bike, just walk somewhere. Please don't just give up.
Gabriel Hernandez
Is it just me or that club scene is incredibly anxiety-inducing in the time of covid
Griffin Bradley
Griffin Bradley Hónapja
I dressed up as a tax collecter when i was 11
Tom T
Tom T Hónapja
Is the station announcement really in German?
Hendula Hónapja
song? 2:45
watchman 1029
watchman 1029 Hónapja
That girl seemed to be hanging off you pole... Pesky girl
Chris312 Hónapja
whats the intro song?
MisterPudd Hónapja
Lmao...was that a clip from a jav 🤣?
NguyenNgocThao Nguyen
The painful knowledge certainly shop because swedish jelly repair opposite a cagey jumper. aloof, coherent chest
Krisztián Rőmer
I thought for sure this was a C0vid joke, but the dates don't match. Would be a perfect and even more depressing costume now.
850 Captain
850 Captain Hónapja
Even as a kid he was an outsider.
ninja sara gamer
Shit, now I'm young and depressed.
El Catrin C
El Catrin C Hónapja
I did a thing be like: Being depressed the 14 of February and Christmas is not enough? BOY I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU
Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt 2 hónapja
Haha jokes on you, I’m already depressed
JackUK 2 hónapja
They let him in a club with that weapon? Someone would end up impaled with it in the UK.
Luca Pogainis
Luca Pogainis 2 hónapja
Ayden Toth
Ayden Toth 2 hónapja
Okay, but how the fuck did you manage to work 17 different jobs in 5 years?!
Tariq El Ageli
Tariq El Ageli 2 hónapja
"That will scare the mortgage out of any adult" 😂 Nice vid man!
Elaqgarah Ulelpon
Elaqgarah Ulelpon 2 hónapja
I'm confused.
Samurai Nuts
Samurai Nuts 2 hónapja
I cant trust anything this guy says, he just called a weed eater a wipper snipper
CharredSkies 2 hónapja
Those lizard people weren't in a costume
Aggelos 2 hónapja
this is actually really scary and depressing
Carbon 2 hónapja
Oh good, I though i was the only one who called them whipper-snippers haha!
henry baird
henry baird 3 hónapja
Soaking up the sorrows in the club
NCC 651
NCC 651 3 hónapja
As a PT enthusiast during Covid the most depressing thing about this is that it is just the pole, and not the entire vehicle. Especially since some of my most interesting memories are on PT.
Mr Speed Coal
Mr Speed Coal 3 hónapja
Click bate
BlackKilo 3 hónapja
I am an american and I like the word "whippersnipper" a lot more than "weedwhacker"
lukelblitz 3 hónapja
I am a neet Can't relate to work depression
Kevin Palma
Kevin Palma 3 hónapja
whats the music from
Antoni 3 hónapja
Jokes on you; I don't own any depressing ties. They're all bright and patterned, to cover up the impending sense of doom.
Antoni 3 hónapja
Ahhhh, the 'existential dread' costume. A modern classic.
Cole Tilford
Cole Tilford 3 hónapja
My life is already miserable and depressing so this didn't do anything to me whatsoever.
Stockton Witton
Stockton Witton 3 hónapja
This costume just made me nostalgic
Lucas Renner
Lucas Renner 3 hónapja
holy balls I wanted a funny video not a midlife crisis at 16
tscj 3 hónapja
*talks of death and depression* *inserts video of Liverpool* Sounds about right
Dánfel Music
Dánfel Music 3 hónapja
This shit depreessed me :'(
Kitten Robot
Kitten Robot 3 hónapja
1:15 "Unus Annus chanting intensifies"
masterbeanboi 3 hónapja
man went out here and made capitalism a costume
tristen douglas
tristen douglas 3 hónapja
Make a Fork Knife please
Cecelia Blazek
Cecelia Blazek 3 hónapja
Whipper Sniper! Hell yeah. You Ausie's have the best names for shit!
UggNINE 3 hónapja
3:45 ... its odd mick foley is afraid of this
Bread 3 hónapja
The bats are 10 times as scary now
Hunter rulz10
Hunter rulz10 3 hónapja
I think the skeleton would have been scarier than a bus stuck in traffic... Then again, that is a pretty depressing bus
What The Fr4nk
What The Fr4nk 3 hónapja
this got me
Big Awdays
Big Awdays 3 hónapja
I feel sad in the bargaining
No music RC
No music RC 3 hónapja
A Kardashian costume would be scarier actually terrifying
No music RC
No music RC 3 hónapja
ADULT no a dult
Matthew Whittle
Matthew Whittle 3 hónapja
I have saw 4 things about biology today alone while just watching yt. I go to youtube to escape not sit around doing nothing not talk bout cells. * need a break from school lol*
Gigabecquerel 3 hónapja
The most depressing part about this costume is that thday many wish they could go back to living like that
Dotmann 3 hónapja
Love the Queen’s Square bus station cameo
FreedomYorkshire 4 hónapja
well I thought this was real life hangman by the thumbnail
hussain abdullah
hussain abdullah 4 hónapja
The song at the end is by a bangladeshi artist mila. love from bangladesh.🇧🇩🇧🇩
Rami Rez
Rami Rez 4 hónapja
Up to this day, it still spooks me
lambsauce19 5 hónapja
I'm already depressed bring it on
Bombskwad 92
Bombskwad 92 5 hónapja
How tf did they let you go in with that thing 😂
Alec 5 hónapja
It's even scarier in 2020 lol
-- 5 hónapja
IsbjörnXII 5 hónapja
I'd invite you to a party
Steffan 5 hónapja
you forget another scary thing, taxes
Sopan Kotbagi
Sopan Kotbagi 5 hónapja
@2:07 is that a reference to a certain Japanese style of porn?
lukeslayer 5 hónapja
In Australia, when I was a kid, Halloween didn't exist here. Man I'm old.
Morgan Meehan
Morgan Meehan 5 hónapja
Krenon 5 hónapja
i love your sneaky references
Black and Pink Panda
When u both were getting off the train it I though all you need is name tags, a black book and a bunch of magazines and you would be twice as scary.
I LIKE BEANS!! 5 hónapja
Jesus loves u all so much
Harry JC Bjerre
Harry JC Bjerre 5 hónapja
this hit waay too close to home
Ghetto Grower
Ghetto Grower 5 hónapja
If non of you fucked that woman holding on to the handle in the club then y'all really need to just step out of your comfort zone.
BBug Gaming
BBug Gaming 5 hónapja
so dumb
Eldar Aliev
Eldar Aliev 6 hónapja
Little did he know that in a few months from then, he will miss those busses and crowd, being isolated and stuck at home..... P.S. Yeah, I'm from the future, I know....
Greg Hawkins
Greg Hawkins 6 hónapja
Whipper snipper
bwagner23 6 hónapja
w h i p p e r s n i p p e r
Haley Munoz
Haley Munoz 6 hónapja
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Israt Jahan
Israt Jahan 6 hónapja
I'm a new subscriber from Bangladesh... this video almost made me depressed but at 3:38, I was really surprised.. it's a Bangladeshi song... 😲😲.. didn't expect that..
S J 6 hónapja
his friend looks like dax Shepard
Ethan Craven
Ethan Craven 6 hónapja
What costume are you wearing this year
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington 6 hónapja
I got upset at that woman grabbing your pole handle thingy >:o who she think she isssss
Puppy Puppington
Puppy Puppington 6 hónapja
You guys should do another halloweenie episode! But before that, get another haircut in North Korea.
Aibreann Vanhattem
Aibreann Vanhattem 6 hónapja
such a shame that im already depressed
Jack Tait
Jack Tait 6 hónapja
just dress up as the tax man and ill pish my pants
Vitabrick Snailslime
You oughta try that again, but with a hacksaw in your free hand. Just to see if any rail employees will pull you up as you exit the station.
OvAeons 6 hónapja
SO what pickup lines did you use with that costume?
Jo Johnson
Jo Johnson 6 hónapja
This is a piece of madden art
sir9integra9jr 6 hónapja
That Gopnik
That Gopnik 6 hónapja
coochiegrabber 6 hónapja
I felt a bit sad watching the childhood vid at the beginning... I dont know why...
Milan 6 hónapja
This video just made me sad
HIROSHI KEN 6 hónapja
2:05 source pls, I am just a Japanese culture enthusiast
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