This Evil Man Only Picks Up Girls from Poor Countries 

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If cody ko can make easy low quality content so can i
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I did a thing
I did a thing 2 hónapja
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Tz productions
Tz productions 14 napja
@ididathing like to stop cyber kidnapping
Tz productions
Tz productions 14 napja
Virginity rocks
Rayza Gaming Good
RSL Hónapja
But mexico is second world with 1 tril gdp and richer than canada
Clayton Dial
Clayton Dial Hónapja
More fat girl then men
Verestóy János
Verestóy János 5 órája
Ferb! I know what will we do today!
eric vallesholm
eric vallesholm 16 órája
do you have a tik tok
Kazuma Kemlo
Kazuma Kemlo 18 órája
Bro he has a Greek yoghurt bucket full of condoms
nikolassilos _
nikolassilos _ 22 órája
Maybe it’s just me but the guy from I Did a Thing is unironically extremely attractive
Fremzenec Napja
k p
k p Napja
Where is the 26 Julio banner?
Badgerton the 1st
Im made at you @ididathing for showing me this
H 2 napja
I found this weird ass video on that guy's channel. hurun.info/to/vide/f6eSzGmLxV_Ey68.html&ab_channel=DavidBond apparently he doesn't like cancel culture
The Duck
The Duck 2 napja
As a left handed person I constantly switch which hand i shake with
Jin Solo
Jin Solo 2 napja
I think hes a sociopath :p
J K 2 napja
1 million views!!!!!!!!
Gaxmex 3 napja
I really don’t like humans
A Man Online
A Man Online 3 napja
David Bond's guide to picking up women: 1. Be an asshole 2. Be a racist 3. ???? 4. Sex?
Cheesy Movie Productions
"Is your boyfriend a big chocolate man" made me cringe. Picking up girls with racism? Really?
Splat 3 napja
imagine the embarrassment when buying 50 packs of condoms
What would BoJack do
I haven't felt like punching someone in the face so much in a looong time. What a pathetic existence.
Trustier 4 napja
please do more of this, it had me laughing so much.
Josh 4 napja
I love this channel
MR E 5 napja
I just realised you did a thing just like your channel name said :O
HUNTED DEM0N 5 napja
Your mates looks like thoughty2
typhoonfire8 6 napja
that dude is straight up the definition of incel moment
TOYOKUNI 6 napja
Yo, what's the meta loadout for CoD Foreign Ops Woman War?
Daltenio Pearsanches
How is that possible 18:20
Bag 7 napja
He's so fucking gross bro. He makes me scared to simply exist as a woman I'm literally 14 and have been catcalled dude hhh
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia 7 napja
Girls we dont condone this behavior im sorry for all the girls, in apology for strange and asshole guys they arent part of the plan. If this ever happens kick the man in the nuts and walk away dont let him touch you like this ever.
J.J. 13
J.J. 13 7 napja
you changed the title?
Trec 7 napja
wow this guy is creepy
Haiqal Iskandar
gnash teeth
gnash teeth 7 napja
r u internet historian
AJ Rushman
AJ Rushman 8 napja
why do these companies think we need a vpn to watch youtube, go advertise on the darkweb
Flint Pet
Flint Pet 9 napja
I love you
Greg McB
Greg McB 9 napja
What a douche
Bruce Caron
Bruce Caron 9 napja
how he track this girls ? its fucking creepy ,, i had a hard time watching this
Godzilla fan 513
New channel I watch a thing
Gemini Jake
Gemini Jake 9 napja
People like that make me realize how f***ed up our species is.
Connor Thomas
Connor Thomas 10 napja
this guy should be touched told these things he did to the without wanting it and then will see how he is.
john cena
john cena 10 napja
These guys are just jealous of David, by nitpicking every little thing he does it kinda reminds me of people that hate dan blizarian or Justin Bieber, just because they get alot of girls.
Nate Steward
Nate Steward 7 napja
Or maybe David's content and overall personality it really fucking toxic and they were just commenting on the toxicity🤷🏽‍♂️
Scott Williams
Ah yes Dan Bilzerian man who was recently exposed for renting the mansion he said he bought and paying for models
Peyton Pearson
Peyton Pearson 11 napja
JESUS man call Cody the fuck out in the description
Astronautkidd 211
Isn’t the tittle exactly what the mayonnaise hair guy did on the bachelorette with no neck......
Samuel Malych
Samuel Malych 11 napja
he would be usefull in north korea tho...
David Noseworthy
this video is hilarious i love it
Hova Coffee
Hova Coffee 12 napja
“Eating a delicious coffee” 😋
Sleprvrru6y -Lin-
Ah yes. As we all do, Eat Coffee.
Anti Everything
Anti Everything 12 napja
"I really do feel like a king, surrounded by all these slaves"
Yandel Infante
Yandel Infante 12 napja
I wonder how many woman the guy got pregnant and the guy is total asshole too
Trec 7 napja
imagine his dna spreading
Robni Salgado
Robni Salgado 13 napja
Naw when he was referring to the US that nigga was talking about LA
Trevor Andersen
Trevor Andersen 13 napja
I knew someone like this once. He told be how he got fired from multiple jobs due to being reported for sexual harassment, but he totally played the victim.
IceyYou 13 napja
This guy is actually being honest. He’s saying what a lot of men who go to those countries are thinking
Not As Clever
Not As Clever 14 napja
I'd like to point out he is pretending to play the computer game at 14:28....he put a video of a game on to pretend to play it?
Kenny Williams
Kenny Williams 14 napja
This dude is pretty abnoxious, however, he is right on the skin thing, in those other countries they find the lighter your skin the cuter you are, it's like their version of how we Americans love tanner people.
Salvador Ariza
Salvador Ariza 14 napja
wow... homie be looking like an evil and shallow louis rossman
Bogdan Orlovskiy
This guy pissed me off so much I almost pressed the dislike button 🤣
Roland Deschein
Roland Deschein 14 napja
Here's the secret to picking up woman. Be open and honest till you find one that likes you for you lol Or just hit the gym read some astrology books and that works too.
Tz productions
Tz productions 14 napja
4:50 umm should I be alone omg where me friends
James Black
James Black 15 napja
It's mutual the women guys pickup there ge really are the same to both are using each other the women often more so
Odyssey 15 napja
i want to make a basket out of this man's organs
Skalar_Playz 15 napja
Imagine the world without people like this guy... it would be so much nicer.
Frosty the Snowman
What an actual piece of shit 😂 I mean, wow, I thought I knew some toolbags...
Walber Zar
Walber Zar 15 napja
Skrathos 16 napja
This was the funniest react video i've watched so far, loved it, guy was a twat though just sayin
paula flor
paula flor 16 napja
And also don't walk alone girls ok? because its dangerous
paula flor
paula flor 16 napja
The reason why he band girls because he hates all girls.😂😂 so don't talk to strangers ok?
Nicola Bonetti
Nicola Bonetti 16 napja
Now i'm going to cut my toenails.
I do things specific
Your jawline is chiselled by the gods
wing cross
wing cross 17 napja
bruh i physically and mentally am scared just from watching this guy interact with people
FUNNY MAN 17 napja
Is your boyfriend big chocolate man oo oo oo ???
FUNNY MAN 17 napja
That intro tho 😂
Poseidon 17 napja
As a left-hander, I can confirm we shake with our right hands.
Rayza Gaming Good
Counterfeit Diamond
Daniel Armstrong
Lol he look's like the 1990's Freddie prinze Jr. 🤣
Adam Jeffery
Adam Jeffery 20 napja
Been here since the small days, glad to see your channel blowing up.
Bad Nunnery
Bad Nunnery 20 napja
FIRST THING. IF A MAN ASKS YOU ARE YOU HEAR ALONE, IF ANYONE ASKS YOU IF YOUR HERE ALONE SAY NO even if you are! That’s the biggest way predators find out weather they can knap or r*** you easily, if you’re alone they know they can get away with FAR more than If you say “oh no, I’m here with my friend or my mom or my brother or my boyfriend” you’ll see people like this just walk away cuz they think your not a good target if you’re not alone
Milkism 21 napja
2:40 His face basically says it all.
Lithium 21 napja
Respect the Ribina drip
Zero Two
Zero Two 21 napja
Bruh I gotta say this video was funny asf😂
Khaleef Merricks
He's not a master of sex....... He a pervert taking advantage of poor people. I bet in america he doesn't get laid at all
Just Me
Just Me 22 napja
I just go up to a woman and say "do you like 8 inches"... there are 3 out comes...1 fk off creep.... 2 can I get your number..... 3 really? show me... 3 usually ends up being the moment of success....
Woo Joo Kim
Woo Joo Kim 22 napja
What a creep
Michael Petteruto
He’s one of those people where you want punch him in the face for no reason
Steven Salceda
Steven Salceda 23 napja
belle chocolate
belle chocolate 23 napja
Mustache man is so cute!
Smth New
Smth New 24 napja
wow. what a predator!
Squiddy 24 napja
The actual Trent Reznor Quake music at the start makes a lot more sense once you know just how creepy the following video is going to be.
Spacekoala playz
how the fuk did this video get sponserded
Sulppez 25 napja
darrell beets
darrell beets 25 napja
5 min further...damn...this guy.....
darrell beets
darrell beets 25 napja
Well damn....this dude..
Crownreviews 26 napja
This guy is super creepy
Corvus 26 napja
1:50 that music is the soundtrack to the original 'Quake' video game, composed by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame. For those unaware, it's a Lovecraftian horror shooter where the protagonist travels to another dimension to defeat a cosmic demon.
Ja Stin
Ja Stin 26 napja
This is the Australian version of THATS CRINGE from Cody Ko and Noel Miller!
Wario 4664
Wario 4664 27 napja
Has anyone every tell u look like James Franco
Tyler Butschli
Tyler Butschli 27 napja
Man literally deserves to be locked in prison with a life sentence and no chance of bail, just so that he can no longer use people, and also maybe so he can get the shit beat out of him in prison.
The Unspoken
The Unspoken 27 napja
What. The. F**K.
Brent Richard
Brent Richard 27 napja
this makes me uncomfortable...
Nova The Fusky
Nova The Fusky 28 napja
I know theres alot of homofobic people out there and this makes me proud of being gay cause some straight people are weird and I did say some so people dont get mad
Mr Kater
Mr Kater 28 napja
Reverse Happy
Dylan Finch
Dylan Finch 28 napja
I don't assume women are idiots. I assume humans are idiots, unless they can prove me wrong.
Paracific 28 napja
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