Making a Knife from a Milk Bottle 

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Making a knife from old smelly milk bottles.
Go check out Joels video and decide who wins: hurun.info/to/vide/qqBkw52elZ61yNE.html

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2019.aug. 5.






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Joel Creates
Joel Creates Évvel
Great, now you'll need ID to buy milk unless you can prove you don't own a sandwich press...
Mike 0405H
Mike 0405H 29 napja
@E N S L A V E D F U N N I ew... western Canada
Mike 0405H
Mike 0405H 29 napja
@I did a thing you fucking serious 😂?
Adam Flannery
Adam Flannery Hónapja
@Ember D-L bro that joke flew over your head
ezgames oi
ezgames oi Hónapja
@mip les Belguim existes, my country is right next to it.
Jett Dean
Jett Dean Hónapja
dunno if anyone gives a shit but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password using Instaportal. Find it on google :D
Kenzie Ardhani
Kenzie Ardhani 13 órája
When Dani Look This Video Dani:*exhales*
Fillidam KKS
Fillidam KKS 15 órája
I fink that Joel won....
not a guy
not a guy Napja
joel wins
RigJig 5 napja
"also if you do comment that Joel wins and your comment disappears I just thought that you should know that HUrun has been acting really weird" Me who is a content creator too: oh, of course, you definitely can't just remove it. of course.
Bigurethra 4 napja
We all have videos but we have no way to tell cuz most of us have 4 subs
Watermelon 6 napja
One year left
Roulette Gaming
if only we had more of him we could save the ocean......and give all the fish stupidity BUT HEY FISH DUMB, HUMAN CATCH FISH EASIER !!!!
Neon 7 napja
ey hes got the same mouse as me
Wolfkun Productions
I feel you with the gloves my hands are huge and trying to wear latex gloves is like doing calculus
X-Man Xavier
X-Man Xavier 9 napja
We did it bois OJ gang is no more
MrHypnotube 14 napja
I think the knife and bowl won.
Edwin Duran
Edwin Duran 15 napja
Haha it sounds like he is saying Ball but with BoUAL
Potato With arms
Now make a milk bottle out of a knife
dylan lynch
dylan lynch 16 napja
It would have been a set of you had done a spoon to go with the bowl
Maximilian Nilar
I liked joel's better!
yaken 20 napja
Joel wins
Jenny Trimberger
You win i did a thing
WaywardBrigand 22 napja
Beauty is in the eye of the bowl-holder.
SmellTheL 22 napja
Now make a milk bottle out of a knife
Joshua Roman
Joshua Roman 25 napja
( 3:37 ) how can you be so serious about that??
darcy stabler
darcy stabler 25 napja
Is it just me or is that knife looking kinda THICC
B.O.S. Sentinel
B.O.S. Sentinel 26 napja
A comrade?
YaBoiOthman 26 napja
joel wins
Loog 27 napja
"Aey, Me bottle of scrumpey" ~Demoman TF2
Etäsäädin 27 napja
Allways wanted a bowl holder XD
Phonn 29 napja
legend says he still hasnt taken the rubber gloves off
Qwinn! Hónapja
Bro I watched three videos from this dude and this is the third time ive heard him talk about cutting of a fingur
Mike 0405H
Mike 0405H Hónapja
This waffle iron method of melting plastic into moldable and foldable sheets will come in handy someday
Akela Wolf Gaming
Will you ever have like an offical face reveal
space470 Hónapja
Joel made can air conditioner for his car
Mattizmushroom Hónapja
Big hands dum 🤪
Tyler Brewer
Tyler Brewer Hónapja
Burn my whole body off omfg
FS Animations
FS Animations Hónapja
so did u get cancer?-
Spino Gaming
Spino Gaming Hónapja
So do you have cancer yet?
Spunch Bop
Spunch Bop Hónapja
Gimme another one I'm on a roll 😂
Yin YangVenom
Yin YangVenom Hónapja
You son for sure
susan boils
susan boils Hónapja
Lol "SCROTUMY" I learned a new adjective today
Jake McLain
Jake McLain Hónapja
Ungratefulape Hónapja
Dani is gonna get his revenge…
R3braccoon Hónapja
Those arnt bowls those are very deep plates i hate Bowls with angled ends because it's so easy to spill the milk when walking
Anti-matter Productions
2hy the fuck are you worrying about plastic fumes you live in Australia lmao
Lzerith Hónapja
I need that bowser poster in the background 😂
blin1 Hónapja
He make Brownies one time but he didnt want to talk about it... He is definitely part of the MISFITS Crew
Kieran Brown
Kieran Brown Hónapja
When I see "making a knife from", I always think of Kiwami's videos... This was close enough.
[Username Deleted]
[Comment Deleted]
Waves Hónapja
i wonder if this is howtobasic's brother, howtobasic destroys stuff and his brother makes stuff
K1R1N Hónapja
... Damn, it took me ages to get the joke that Joel was the one in the bin in the intro.
leigh int uk
leigh int uk Hónapja
Not kiddin I Kinda want a scrotum bowl
Swiftrick Hónapja
Joel won
harrison race
harrison race Hónapja
Little did he know the corona creeping up behind him
yaldram muqadis
yaldram muqadis Hónapja
If you guys know who Trent Hamilton is and you think he says his "F" weird you shouldn't see this guy say "H"
MrSiamese Hónapja
Me: joel wi- i did a thing: Silence
Toby Hinton
Toby Hinton Hónapja
Me: watching this video and not doing work this video: 2:47 Me: ok time to get working
Donut Gaming
Donut Gaming Hónapja
im getting so tripped out watching you video. becase im high
Lt Mint
Lt Mint Hónapja
I have the same old sandwich press
tres feda
tres feda Hónapja
I expected Dani to comment on this vid
Helmuts Vizbulis
It's the bread not the knife that is bad
Mudassir Ayaz Ghauri
i hate this guy
FunnyHacks Hónapja
Bowl. Bowl holder. Bolder.
FunnyHacks Hónapja
I wonder of this could benefit from a pottery glaze. I'm thinking about making sure it's safe to use without anything in the plastic leading into the food. It should also give it a nice finish. Although what you did looked really nice.
Yolk Hónapja
Joel wins! I put this comment here a year later because now i know that the probability of “youtube” deleting this comment is very slim.
Yolk Hónapja
You’re not supposed to find out
Yolk Hónapja
I did a thing
I did a thing Hónapja
dont make me do it
Micah Hónapja
Joal wins
Hydrogen Before Helium
Do you know what oven mitts are?
[ Redacted ]
[ Redacted ] Hónapja
The swamp cooler was pretty "cool" but I think your knife and bowl wins out mate
superbladen Hónapja
I didn't have milk bottles because my dad hasn't come back from buying milk yet
Sher Vang
Sher Vang Hónapja
a bowl holder amazing when is it coming to retail
Dad finally came home with the milk
kohliosis Hónapja
7:03 nice fingernail
Janna-lynn Sechser
Joel won
Zing0 Hónapja
ygygygygygygygygygygygygyg /
Aaron Blain
Aaron Blain Hónapja
Eye of the bowl holder
Da Bruh
Da Bruh Hónapja
Why didn’t he make a bowl and a spoon?
MrYoBeYo Hónapja
He eating the ramen of the devil. That shit burns 3 times not even kidding. He gotta hate himself alot if he eats that on his own free will
Da Bruh
Da Bruh Hónapja
He hasn’t got any cancer yet
D Korney
D Korney Hónapja
i did a thing is milk gang now boiiiis
Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben Hónapja
when microplastic isn't enough you gotta go MACRO
Genaro Scala
Genaro Scala Hónapja
The scrotum bowl channel
Logan Ramos
Logan Ramos Hónapja
@4:29 i love that corner cabinet!!! Super random but its the little things in life..
nvgclips nvgclips
@Ididathing sneaky boy put a spring water tank in the back row of the milk jug pile, fake milk lover
Michael Yin
Michael Yin Hónapja
1 more year bud ur tumor is near
Michael Yin
Michael Yin Hónapja
@I did a thing I know where u live..............
Michael Yin
Michael Yin Hónapja
@I did a thing scare u ok
I did a thing
I did a thing Hónapja
dont scare me
Ceramint Hónapja
something on this video reminds me of the lock picking lawyer, i don't know why
Jear Desus
Jear Desus Hónapja
How are Australians even real
Fred the fush
Fred the fush Hónapja
where can i buy this stuff
Brandon Butcher
Brandon Butcher Hónapja
Hear me out: plastic bullets for us Americans to shoot at schools
Kaiden Gauley
Kaiden Gauley Hónapja
you win because of the red and blue container in the back ground 10:46
Kadenboom1000 YT
reinout koenen
reinout koenen Hónapja
3:04 you have 20 L milk jugs in Australia?!
Chloe Howard
Chloe Howard Hónapja
wth was there a slav in the bin xd
Kadin Noe
Kadin Noe Hónapja
2:20 can't have dirty garbage
con_the_monkey meonkey
we go throng about one per three days i have eaght sibs too though
Tyler Braun
Tyler Braun Hónapja
Tyler Braun
Tyler Braun Hónapja
The Soviet Union
Maybe it’s maybelline
Bob T
Bob T Hónapja
I totally love you channel! Better then Saturday Night Live!
Terraman Hónapja
Dani would be proud
wow, I'm so used to internet vernacular that I forgot that people might get uncomfortable if you ask them to cut their finger off
Mubasshir Hossain
The rebel professor rahilly squash because skiing preauricularly contain amid a spooky daisy. domineering, wasteful piano
Birdman Dave
Birdman Dave Hónapja
Cameron Scruggs
Cameron Scruggs Hónapja
Joel wins
I made your stupid video ideas!
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