I made your stupid video ideas! 

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Thanks for the ideas. They were all great!

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Making a human with a human. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pregnancy










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Michael Reeves
I'll fight you with kissing
Im the 500th response
Naseem 26 napja
Gavin Bryan
Gavin Bryan Hónapja
@Marco Brayden Cool! It took about 10 minutes but it actually worked!
Marco Brayden
Marco Brayden Hónapja
Not sure if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram account by using Instaportal. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself
D Ritz
D Ritz 2 hónapja
The Great Hesam
he actually did put a link in the description
YhadY 2 napja
Make human using human lollll
Joseph Pina
Joseph Pina 3 napja
What’s the best bow and arrow and or weapon you can make entirely from animal carcasses near you.
His ankle's durability after this 📉📉
Professor raccoon
I thought u we’re gonna put the hub in the description 😂
Ashley Hafer
Ashley Hafer 10 napja
make a rocket out of wood pls
Mohammad Nayem Uddin
Attach both of them on a sheet of metal to increase sturdiness. I_I
Chris Cunningham
How have you managed to simultaneously piss off two of the biggest science tubers on youtube? Who is next, NileRed?
crax __art
crax __art 13 napja
POV:You are still looking in description for a ... site.
Toghrul Zulfugarli
for the spring shooes u could make an exo skeleton for ur legs so ur ankles dont snap but ti would make it heavier tho
Seb The guy11
Seb The guy11 14 napja
Yo Michael sub to my HUrun channel please
paula flor
paula flor 14 napja
What if you send your play button to nasa in space and place to the satellite? Or send a play button to mars?
paula flor
paula flor 14 napja
Or how to prove it if the Earth is flat?
paula flor
paula flor 14 napja
What if you try to wear a silicone mask in your face and prank a people you can. Or do a bald hair to subscribe more people😄
paula flor
paula flor 14 napja
Or wear a girl anime and then play a guitar in omegle, zoom,discord or whatever social app to catch a pedophile, predator, etc...
paula flor
paula flor 14 napja
What if you build some big wood toilet for the public toilet? That is a masterpiece
Roland Deschein
Roland Deschein 14 napja
Buy jumping stilts. I'd love to see you do something fun in them lol
John Luniewski
John Luniewski 16 napja
Dying with laughter 🤣
Lucas Smart
Lucas Smart 17 napja
"Only suckers buy things new" This is the most important mantra of my life.
Camyboy 10833 Ide
I did a thing: fight me Michael Michael Reaves: **battle cries with laser baby**
jack 19 napja
And a friendly hallo from ur Somalian fan :))))))))))))))))))))
huey legends Cocks
Make a moterbike
Joe Schreider
Joe Schreider 19 napja
Create a banana phone
valentinas kavalas
if you listen closeley, you can actualy hear his ankles shattering :D
Lillian Carrero
Lillian Carrero 20 napja
Can you do a face reveal
Liam w
Liam w 20 napja
Rc delivery car / drone
Liam w
Liam w 20 napja
Make a 1. Flame thrower banana 2. Bullet proof shoes 3. Electric ice cream scooper I give up
Uros Markovic
Uros Markovic 20 napja
Why is there an mortal combat electro mix Goin on in background
Cody Harcus
Cody Harcus 21 napja
oh my God Michael Reeves actually replied to his video OH MY GOD
Romans 8: 38-39
Romans 8: 38-39 22 napja
Wire welders are easier than stick welders in my opinion. And loosen your helmet knobs alittle so you can put the welding helmet up while looking at where you want to weld snap your head downward to make the helmet fall in place
MR Dumbgoogles
MR Dumbgoogles 22 napja
nice roller blades you got there
Lorenzo Bandini
Lorenzo Bandini 23 napja
Well I'm an Italian and you didn't say that bad the phrase in Italian. "Andiamo a mangiarci una pizza" it would probably be better
TheMrDrAwesome 24 napja
Don’t take that title away from space jam but flubber can be second lol
jet 25 napja
Anxiously entertained is the best way to describe my experience watching this incredible man
Regent 25 napja
Try the springs with snowboarding boots. They'll keep your ankles from breaking.
Kendall Mastre
Kendall Mastre 27 napja
All you have to do is drink a glass of milk after welding galvie
Andy Muzzo
Andy Muzzo 28 napja
You need to take the rollerblades on ice.
Prod. mp3
Prod. mp3 28 napja
you need the spring shoes to be braced by your shin
zack ritchie
zack ritchie 28 napja
h i
zack ritchie
zack ritchie 28 napja
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey 28 napja
Where the hell do I find that Mortal Kombat mix it's awesome?
Boerny 29 napja
Use the Rollerblade shoes for the springs. Can't break your ankeks in them unless you are really skilled
Jacob Mcallister
Make a gun umbrella
Sururt Hónapja
My mom: What are you watching? Me: NoTHinG
Phil Verhey
Phil Verhey Hónapja
You spelt METRES wrong. A meter is a tool or device used to measure. A metre is a unit of measurement. To reiterate: a kilometre is a distance of 1,000 metres .. and a Kilometer is a meter used to measure Kilo class Soviet submarines.
Reece Thurman
Reece Thurman Hónapja
I want a William Osman Collab
Peter Lazar
Peter Lazar Hónapja
Oh yeah , flubber the sports movie. That was a great film.
Oobly Doobly
Oobly Doobly Hónapja
You look way different from what I expected you to look like. When you were putting on the spring shoes I saw your face
Oobly Doobly
Oobly Doobly Hónapja
Cmon man... I can weld better than you and I’m 13 😂😂😂
Sykes Hónapja
I’m not disappointed.he did put how to make a human with a human in the description.
Random Short videos
You need to put platforms at the bottom of the springs
NguyenNgocThao Nguyen
The defective output lamentably kick because repair radiographically bare past a sweet handicap. coherent, short gladiolus
Asher Neitsch
Asher Neitsch Hónapja
The nicest welds I have ever seen
Oleksiy Hrytsiv
Oleksiy Hrytsiv Hónapja
Wow, didn’t know someone else liked the mantis shrimp as much as I did. That’s the first time I’ve heard someone mention it
I did a thing
I did a thing Hónapja
im obsessed with them
Salt Woodwork
Salt Woodwork Hónapja
Welders a easy fix it's just a screw though a magnetic shunt that gets pushed Inbetween the transformers
Goku Son
Goku Son Hónapja
1:55 you see half of his face
Nazwaz11 Hónapja
I feel like if you had square plates welded to the bottom of the spring shoes then it should help with balance and ankle snapping
Apocalypse Hónapja
When he said “I don’t live in America” I felt that
jerkku363 Hónapja
2:34 scam
B3loZƎꞦ0 Hónapja
crayyyyyyyyyyy fish gang
ceatuu Hónapja
banana phone
TheBigCheese Hónapja
Lockhead Martin is an airplane manufacturer not a weapons manufacturer
reble_uwu Hónapja
That cracking happening in between the spring and the cement aren’t Little Rock’s getting squished between a hard place, it’s his ankles.
You're running too cold if your rod is sticking
Robb Patterson
Robb Patterson Hónapja
still looking for that video...
Brody Smith
Brody Smith Hónapja
So I got an advert for dominoes pizza the second you said ‘let’s go eat some pizza’.. is this the future of targeted advertising?!
Mike Dunham
Mike Dunham Hónapja
Lmao! He put the wiki to "pregnancy" in the description!
Warren_M_28703 Hónapja
😂☠️☠️🤣😂🤣☠️🤣🤣 He fucking put “Pregnancy Wiki” in the fucking description!!! Hahhahahahahah!!!!!!!!!
Malachi Lewis
Malachi Lewis Hónapja
just weld metal sheets to the bottom of the spring shoes
Thick Man
Thick Man Hónapja
He really did link the website
Mazoo Samm
Mazoo Samm Hónapja
Spring shoes would work 100% better with shoes that lock your ankles in place like dirt bike riding boots , the kind that come all the way up to your knees and have four buckle snaps to lock you into them. I think then it would super legit
Mason Tatum
Mason Tatum Hónapja
That domino’s is amazing
Autodidactic Artisan
Those look exactly like the king front springs on my Subaru rally car
Toxic M
Toxic M Hónapja
Harrison Bergeron
You need a platform at the bottom of each spring, that will stop them from tipping over
Blake Myers
Blake Myers Hónapja
shut it reeves but i do like your channel more than his
Michael Runde
Michael Runde Hónapja
But for real, I always thought they were just smaller versions of lobsters lol
Michael Runde
Michael Runde Hónapja
At what point does a crayfish stop being a crayfish and start being a lobster?
Michael Runde
Michael Runde Hónapja
I will try this question again...
Michael Runde
Michael Runde Hónapja
Autocorrect fucked me there
Michael Runde
Michael Runde Hónapja
At what point does a crayfish stop being a crayfishes and start being a lobster?
demonboy244 Hónapja
Buy a auto darkening helmet makes life easier
Locane256 Hónapja
Oh my god I sat cringing covering my face watching you try to jump on GIANT SPRING SHOES WITH NO ANKLE SUPPORT! I rolled my ankle running for the bus about a year ago and it was the most excruciating pain I have ever been in.
Megan Conroy
Megan Conroy Hónapja
Good crustacean content
Paul J. Morton
Paul J. Morton Hónapja
Was the idea of "video where I do people's video ideas" one of your original 39 video ideas?
Masaharu Morimoto
Mama Mia!!
El Rubio
El Rubio Hónapja
Secondary title: Australian man embraces kangaroo
TheFishboy13 Hónapja
I like this Australian 🤝
Slavic Multipla
Slavic Multipla Hónapja
5:37 ummmm... 8377473662
Joseph Sprout
Joseph Sprout Hónapja
I thort you wernt ment to weld spring steal or am I wrong 🤔
Tommy Gleesonsmith
Should’ve used motorcycle boots so you have more bracing on your ankles
sim0 Hónapja
Italian here I have a job for you
Nelson Stack
Nelson Stack Hónapja
so legit dangerous. lol. but could be like used as a weapon in a video game character o r movie character lol.
cheesesupreme Hónapja
old school thinkpad nice. i got a newer one 2nd hand. new laptops are garbage!
Tomek Janasinski
Copy? Michael reevs?
swan Hónapja
make a giant ball point pen
ICERS Hónapja
I can't believe he got more than million subs in a year
pineapple sideways
Full time job now and he getting dangerous, he like a poor man's myth buster but funny
Yazan Yazan
Yazan Yazan Hónapja
Lol he actually put a link
TaT00ns 15
TaT00ns 15 Hónapja
8:43 me italian not understanding at the first time the italian 🤨
Leegma Hónapja
andiamo, mungerò un po' de pizza
Making a Knife from a Milk Bottle
Making transparent wood
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I adopted a cat.
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