I let animals take over my house (Update) 

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Bee video: hurun.info/to/vide/qmmd0qVmul-Znas.html
Lizards Frog video: hurun.info/to/vide/iICHxH-ZlnazzL8.html
Magpie Video: hurun.info/to/vide/dpGJyGh6tYHU2q8.html
Cat Video: hurun.info/to/vide/eZyDqZpjlpmzz9k.html










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jr -falls
jr -falls 6 napja
I wouldn’t care if it’s mean I’d have to shoot the cats after a month of trying 😂😂😂💀💀💀hate me all you like I like lizards more than cats
Greg McB
Greg McB 9 napja
Get a air rifle, honestly cats are destroying the whole ecosystems of island nations of Australia, Tasmania ect, as long as it’s legal, or if not get a better cage and call anamal control every time you catch them (probably every day bye the sound of it) and hopefully they will either put them down, or if they have an owner hopefully force them to keep the cat inside and give them a big fine.
Squidimator 12 napja
Him:literally recording amassive spider and not scared Me an american: WTF WTF RUN AAA
Damn Damien
Damn Damien 21 napja
I recommend actuay trapping the cats and just posting pictures on Facebook or something similar until people get the hint and lock their fucking cats up
Smasher 2015
Smasher 2015 23 napja
you havve coakroaches in your house? EWW
dirtstreetcrew 26 napja
Contraceptive pill in the cat food, couple of years non reproduction and road kill will account for picking out the population and boom no more cats
First Name Last Name
yoooo!! that amogus charater????? 0:44
The Gaming Tortoise
i will now move to Australia and fill a house full of lizards
Drelal Hónapja
just poison the cats or shoot them, they are an infection
The Quimster
The Quimster Hónapja
I hate seeing cats without tails it's so strange.
Raphael Krag
Raphael Krag Hónapja
Veteran trippers, unite!
Keyboardstalker Hónapja
just shoot your neighbor's cats.
Smallstudio Design
I’m afflicted with this channel as my new addiction ... *H E L P* ‼️ The wit & laughter is causing too many dopamine spikes. Do I need rehab?
[Username Deleted]
Love the Drum 🥁 Roll
SilverxChain Hónapja
Drumroll please 🤣🤣
lghal1 Hónapja
The cat issue is really a problem with a lot of cat owners. Its like cat owners dont understand that they cant just bring in their killing machines wherever they want and let them destroy wildlife wherever they go. Yes they are cute, but thats not an excuse
FeralGore Hónapja
Blue tongue skink! I love mine so much
Zubair Babu
Zubair Babu Hónapja
Ok ok *wait I saw a cat in the thumbnail*
Big Man Dan
Big Man Dan Hónapja
Cats are more of a pest than anything they kill.
Derpa Turtle
Derpa Turtle Hónapja
Kill the cats
Dan Sheppard
Dan Sheppard Hónapja
4:33 lol 'My Beehive brings all Bees to the yard'
Duneblazer85 Hónapja
whoah an ant
whoah an ant Hónapja
As a cat owner, you aren't a cat owner if you need to loose your pet outdoors. :] Cats are in fact the worlds most invasive species and decimate everything from small animals to medium to large animals since they destroy small creatures and outcompete medium animals which impacts the large animals. Moral of the story? Don't let cats outside.
Clair Beth
Clair Beth Hónapja
If I ever saw a spider like that in my house I would burn it down even if my family were still inside.
james young
james young Hónapja
just wring their little fucking cat necks?
Blazed Ember
Blazed Ember Hónapja
I will do this
SaintPlayGames Hónapja
"German cockroach" I live in Germany and have never seen one
Sawyer Hónapja
Its common for pet snakes that get out of their enclosure to end up under appliances. Any reptile is going to go where the heat is.
Stefany Mogas
Stefany Mogas Hónapja
just discovered you and ur so funny wow i’m subscribing now
Mabey if you cleaned your house once and while, you would have such a bug problem
Federico Pizzardi
1:07 thank you from my aracnophobia
LetsGetGaming Hónapja
love the joke man: "not a good BEESNESS
kspacex Hónapja
In Germany we call those bugs Küchenschabe...
Max Attacks
Max Attacks Hónapja
use peppermint fumes to deter the cats
Davidson Katrina
Why was there a Coles truck ?🤣
Jason Furler
Jason Furler Hónapja
i love how hes always got a leather apron on, even though nothing hes doing requires it.
Goodguy Typhlosion
Bóbr Bobrowski
Bóbr Bobrowski Hónapja
i did had cocroaches in my flat some years ago, and i did accidentally let my house geckos escape when cleaning terrarium and believe it or not they are not to catch without major demolition so i did let them free, ant they stayed alive and i think even had reproduced (maybe in flower pots, or pots flower i do not know) and favorite place of them were behind fridge, under sink and on computer case, also cocroaches did disapeared and most flies and other crap also
Tom Letowski
Tom Letowski Hónapja
This guy's wife is the patient woman in the world I swear
Sol Hónapja
Hey man I think you overlooked a few things here.. Especially involving the roach killer squares under the couch. What happens when those lizards consistently ingest the poison from exposed insects? Also, glass/windows block most UVA/B from the sun needed for reptiles to regulate behaviors such as feeding, diurnal movement, the synthesis of vitamin D3 needed for digestion and calcium absorption.
Savannah steedley
I hope you save your family soon. Also, I have something to say to the kidnapper: F**K YOU FOR KIDNAPPING HIS FAMILY!!!!
Antonio Valencia
3:57 that caterpillar walking is so relaxing
ClintonxA Hónapja
This is why I only have house cats.
Bob Milk
Bob Milk Hónapja
What you need to do is go to the hardware store and pick up the special water that’s named antifreeze and sit it out for the cats
Elizabeth Tutor
Elizabeth Tutor Hónapja
The second i heard the word Australia everything made sense
Random STUFF69
Random STUFF69 2 hónapja
Why dont u just tell ur neighbors to lock up theyre cats?? U cn just message them if act thiugh so they scared at u
Random STUFF69
Random STUFF69 2 hónapja
Drugs is ok :) yeah man also u prob arent gonna believe me but my feet r knifes like rn my feet r knife i called 911109
Sad Goth
Sad Goth 2 hónapja
haha is going to be fun 😆
Ender Bolgu
Ender Bolgu 2 hónapja
I’m incredibly scared of spiders
LoskTheCoder 2 hónapja
Keep the feet out of the vids, its gross.
Duran DeNaro
Duran DeNaro 2 hónapja
I'm an American I just some how stumbled onto one of your videos after watching a vice news thingy about dogs hunting rats in New York... Gotta say after the 1st vid.. I subscribed. I think your deadpan humor and creativity are awesome. Good on ya!!!
Rene Robles
Rene Robles 2 hónapja
I had the worst day ever I lost two lizard one was little and two was big
Luca Pogainis
Luca Pogainis 2 hónapja
I dont know a name
I dont know a name 2 hónapja
If the cats can eat the animals you can eat the cats.
Waleed Arshad
Waleed Arshad 2 hónapja
i died at the hummas part
azazel 2 hónapja
frog beatboxing at night 1080p 60fps
Jacob Scott
Jacob Scott 2 hónapja
1:00 i have aracnafobea and this is scary
Jacob Scott
Jacob Scott 2 hónapja
Also that frog had some fun that night
CdotG3953 2 hónapja
Get an outside dog
Dweebz 3 hónapja
3:06 I’m in this video and i don’t like it
Brydecree 3 hónapja
Fuckin love that weird ass hummus pit 😂
TheLazyGamerAU 3 hónapja
Just casually let the neighbours know you bought a cat trap and will be sending anything it catches to the chinese shop down the road :^)
Martti Rosendahl
Martti Rosendahl 3 hónapja
Dude i want lizards in my house
matthew james
matthew james 3 hónapja
1:47 congrats to leo for 2nd place in visual arts :P
Trevor Hunting
Trevor Hunting 3 hónapja
Will Fitzgerald
Will Fitzgerald 3 hónapja
Another way to get away the lizard is to put fake frogs in there
bosco sham
bosco sham 3 hónapja
get an army of mice
bosco sham
bosco sham 3 hónapja
add crayfish to your pond
ryan bambi
ryan bambi 3 hónapja
I love how Australian winter is just like “eh it’s a bit chippy innit?” No snow no nothin
ryan bambi
ryan bambi 25 napja
@GeminiStargazer “almost as big” as in less than half, but Yee. But isn’t only like 60% of Australia inhabitable? And do you actually ever get snow in non mountainous areas? Follow up question are their mountains
GeminiStargazer 25 napja
It depends where in Australia you are. Australia is almost as big as the continental US, we’ve got a lot of different climates
Mix Feelings
Mix Feelings 3 hónapja
I hate spiders there ugly but I don’t mind the lizards to be honest
Robert Dale
Robert Dale 3 hónapja
End the cats dont make a video about it easy
tristen douglas
tristen douglas 3 hónapja
Make a Fork Knife please
Emmett Russell
Emmett Russell 3 hónapja
Shoot the cats with a weak air soft gun like 150 FPS
KoxRod 3 hónapja
"beesness" im fucking dying, youre right i need new braincells
Off Road Fishing
Off Road Fishing 3 hónapja
we have the same piano
Jasper 3 hónapja
i’m so jealous :/ i love cute little birds and lizards and spiders and froggie friends but all we get where i live is a few mice and my parents hate them haha i sound 12
Gatorwarrior75 3 hónapja
Get a python to consume the cat
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 3 hónapja
Quick follow up, are roaches a common problem for you? Id suggest leaving less rotten fruit under the love seat.. just a thought...
Are you really I did a thing or are you just a man that put a sexy voice over this 8:08 handsome mans home video... BUSTED!!!! FINLAND ISNT REAL!!!!
Froodoh 3 hónapja
I just decided that i will never visit Australia
Sedatealth 3 hónapja
hello world
hello world 3 hónapja
Little did he know that the cats used Skill Share to take over his house.
DevilMain 3 hónapja
Should keep Huntsmans they eat white tails
RoboBath 3 hónapja
Get the smaller huntsman spiders with bigger spiders
meow meow
meow meow 3 hónapja
KEEP YOUR CATS INSIDE! It’s not safe for the cats or the other wildlife:(
meow meow
meow meow 3 hónapja
Did you ever step on one? Any casualties?
Late Night Gamer
Late Night Gamer 3 hónapja
Bioactive house
Arjun Shapovalov
Arjun Shapovalov 3 hónapja
that poor snare
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 3 hónapja
I love this video so much but I have to dislike just To make it 1000 exactly cause you know me and my ocd
Gavin Smith
Gavin Smith 2 hónapja
@I did a thing sorry yes Sir
I did a thing
I did a thing 3 hónapja
Thats not fair. Take it back
dönermann 76
dönermann 76 3 hónapja
Imagine you have guest and a lizard runs over the carpet wait ist that normal in Australia?
happy guy
happy guy 3 hónapja
The lizards there are used to complete distortion of and disconnection from reality cause of the fluoride and high concentrations of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine that they have in the water in australia, the latter being present cause of the overwhelming amount of workers at water purification plants puking after eating several too many p e n g a h s. Shoulda known they woulda seen right through the illusion...
ida b
ida b 3 hónapja
Is it not a risk to let lizards in your house? Do they carry disease?
ida b
ida b 3 hónapja
:( rip to that slow moving skink
Bucky Barns
Bucky Barns 3 hónapja
You can deal with the algae in your pond by putting a pleco in it
Federico Mutasci
Federico Mutasci 3 hónapja
What about cleaning you house?
Maxximus Hicks
Maxximus Hicks 3 hónapja
0:50 that sounds like an actual drumroll
Bearo 3 hónapja
I went to iron knob it’s such a small town lol
paige gibson
paige gibson 3 hónapja
are u code bullet?
Greek Fire
Greek Fire 3 hónapja
Somehow thought this was a "Brave wilderness" video from the Thumbnail.
Helaman Gile
Helaman Gile 3 hónapja
Where you able to get rid of your neighbors kids lol
YJGames06 3 hónapja
how is this guy this funny its like he learnt funnyness at uni
Hello I’m a cat
Hello I’m a cat 3 hónapja
.-. Yuh that’s all I have to say-
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