How to Reduce Baby Unemployment! 

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Its about time babies started pulling their weight in society, i made the device to help them do it.

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Spencer Cochran
Spencer Cochran Hónapja
bro I will consider it, you're fantastic bro
Better Name
Better Name Hónapja
@furry circuitry did he remember you
maria rodriguez
maria rodriguez 3 hónapja
Tyson Bui
Tyson Bui 3 hónapja
What’s wrong with MacDonald
is that small human your child?
DarkVitamins 4 napja
3:11 Dude, what? A kitten is cute. A human baby is as you've clarified; a useless lump of fat whose only purpose is to be a drain for the next decade if you're oldschool. 2-6 decades if you're a modern child. Isn't it cute how people are replacing parenting with ipads? :)
Andrew Forrest
you were once a baby ;-;
Bag 5 napja
Wow he has such dedication to his videos he got a whole baby just for this one
Wolfkun Productions
This is something I think my county (America) would do
Nickdenali 14
Nickdenali 14 12 napja
I find it funnier if I imagine you just stole this baby
goktug gunduz
goktug gunduz 17 napja
Just imagine, he is your father :D
Iryna Yaroshchuk
Your a bad dad you left the baby with a hamper
Iryna Yaroshchuk
@Bag he a bad dad
Bag 5 napja
19347 Zain Sadiq
Can I hier Chubby small guy
kai jie
kai jie 20 napja
I swear he is the aussie Michael Reeves
Mensssgamer 01
Mensssgamer 01 22 napja
Fun fact: Babies eat things because their thoungs feel things better than their fingers
Flameo hotman Studio
My dad got a few pieces of nice wood for $200 Buy spatulas from him on Etsy it is called fallowfield&co
Kevsomniac 23 napja
bro, when i was born i looked like a baby AARDVARK, ouch
Peter Wanjugu
Peter Wanjugu 23 napja
Ummm I don't really think evolution decides. God is the Creator of the universe and all manking so...
krool_aid 17 napja
I genuinely don't know if you're serious or not help-
Martin M
Martin M 24 napja
7:55 so they eat the water gun connected to bladders too?
Martin M
Martin M 24 napja
Says the guy that was once a baby
urobocool 24 napja
Wait it’s not okay that my kid looks like a baby aardvark? I thought it was normal /:
3 Infinity
3 Infinity 25 napja
1:51 Killing eachother for *OIL* USA: oil oil where
Timeless Edits
Timeless Edits 26 napja
As soon as I read the title I ran and grabbed my 6 month old baby sister to have her watch this with me
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 28 napja
You forgot baby ear protection
fart knob
fart knob 28 napja
unless you let them grow till you can drown them
Justin White
Justin White Hónapja
Who’s baby is that’s he’s so cute
CoatKid Hónapja
A better title would be "Australian man plans to ressurrect child labor."
Spencer Cochran
Spencer Cochran Hónapja
Dude all your videos are so good hahah. 200k subs in this video, while I'm watching this you have 1.65M videos! Insanity!
Stupidish Guy
Stupidish Guy Hónapja
Can it be weaponised? Asking for a friend with a baby.
carlos warnecke
carlos warnecke Hónapja
What 1,5 million in a year wtf
Sus Hónapja
"SomeOne Cath That Baby!"
Smallstudio Design
Wait daddy, until the kid grows up ... their viral video ||>> “... *why’re middle aged men so useless* ...❓”
Luke Lee
Luke Lee Hónapja
My puppy is way cuter and smarter than a baby
Chris Leone
Chris Leone Hónapja
That is the cutest fuckin kid ever
Scorpion 37
Scorpion 37 Hónapja
And this, children, is called child labor.
C. I. A
C. I. A Hónapja
In the US kids will ask for a new ps4 and throw tantrums at their parents In Australia guy making his child claim a shity wooden triangle
Steven Re
Steven Re Hónapja
Mr. e
Mr. e Hónapja
"We're the best!" - I did a thing 2019 me: hmmm I have 2 brain cells this man got 1 billion!
geirk selim
geirk selim Hónapja
You can use a drill press as a mill on wood but they can't handle much side load on the chuck
Aon Arts
Aon Arts Hónapja
I wanna know who the 10% of working babies are
Tuxedo wolf
Tuxedo wolf Hónapja
This video's title should be changed to, Bringing back child labor....... Change my mind.....
asherael Hónapja
Retire earlier? you wish. It's not how much work there is to do, it's that you do something unpleasant, no matter what. Maybe not in modern civilized countries, but in shithole countries like America the poors have to work, whether there's anything to do or not.
Daniel Ischy
Daniel Ischy Hónapja
“Yo xan get your boy dog”
arrest that baby, it's too cute
Hamlock Maneuver
They are so cute when they are little. Then they grow up and become smelly...
Anonymous youtube user
I agree babies are useless and are ugly sacks of flesh
rayden rachar
rayden rachar Hónapja
Yeah he's right baby's very useless stupid dumb annoying as hell I hate them and I'm not joking
boom Hónapja
Your mother would be proud
Salvador Hónapja
What was that song
Its in description
Felipe Bechelli
Felipe Bechelli Hónapja
Dark Blade
Dark Blade Hónapja
Wait what's the point of this video if you baby is a Carpenter already
Emith De Silva
Emith De Silva Hónapja
Or have an abortion
Icy- ChickenFrost
Aww cute baby Make a echos skeleton for it
Jim Coates
Jim Coates Hónapja
This baby looks like Scott Morrison
Legendary Leelando
Big brain does not mean smart it is blood flow to brain and we have big head after birth because our heads grow slower than our bodies so the come out bigger
How to YEET
How to YEET Hónapja
So our species just added more points in brain function ? Dang it
Igor Lima
Igor Lima Hónapja
the 10% employed babies are probably by the movies industry lol
Ben Walsh
Ben Walsh Hónapja
....... I wanna see a baby fight a duckling now......cheers
fact checker
fact checker Hónapja
Baby's aren't cute they are stupid
fact checker
fact checker Hónapja
@unknown 6633 no u
unknown 6633
unknown 6633 Hónapja
just likeeee you
fact checker
fact checker Hónapja
@Gabriel Lueneberg no u
Gabriel Lueneberg
Just like you :D
fact checker
fact checker Hónapja
I hate them
crazedKud197 Hónapja
Bro i went to school in age 3
Total irrelevancy
Funny how i was thinkink the same thing
Tinky Winky
Tinky Winky Hónapja
Why the f am watching this 🦕
Jiggle Bobby
Jiggle Bobby Hónapja
Lethal Chicken
Lethal Chicken Hónapja
3:52 what is that music, I've been trying to find it for over a year now
unknown 6633
unknown 6633 Hónapja
i dont know but im here to support
Guns And knives
Guns And knives Hónapja
Yes we are from samo
‘’ Hónapja
humans are born without kneecaps, that is why there are so useless
Krokey Hónapja
What a bunch of useless freeloaders
Case16710 Hónapja
I used to have a baby. He was awesome. Now he’s eleven.
no name
no name Hónapja
I was horrified at the 2:20 mark. Jesus Christ.
GcubePlayer8 Hónapja
They're not completely useless they are worth a lot on the black market
marito_yo Hónapja
Boos Toons
Boos Toons Hónapja
10:09 i half expected to see a baby wearing shades and a gold chain surrounded by beer
Boos Toons
Boos Toons Hónapja
Baby does serve purpose it does ur work so u can dance with a plastic hammer because... reasons?
alfie Collins
alfie Collins Hónapja
Me If a baby was in my house 😤 can't sleep
the killer gamer
I qm from lebanon thank lebanon instead of samolla
Lightlysalted15 Hónapja
I think baby aardvark are cuter
Pseudo-Ethical Hónapja
is that your own baby doe?
Paul The pew pew guy
In ten year watching this with him is going to be so cute
King CHEESY Hónapja
“Not like wood grows on trees or anything”
The fact 10% of aged 0-2 babys are inployed scares me
Marvin H
Marvin H Hónapja
A dance-montage, the fastest way to get your wood cut and drilled for the project.
Noah Holt
Noah Holt Hónapja
i like how he just gave a baby a saw and hammer to play with
Inner Human
Inner Human Hónapja
That mid is gonna grow up to be the best builder/climber in the world.
OwO Hónapja
OwO Hónapja
Omg a magic baby It can cut wood with the safety thing
cozu631 Hónapja
Hahahahha you fucking druggo mate
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup Hónapja
5:19 “It’s not like wood grows on trees or anything.” 😂
Sapper 13 napja
because the tree, is the wood LOL. yes i get it.
urmomrfffdsf 2 hónapja
Just kill them all 😚😚😚😇😷
Random STUFF69
Random STUFF69 2 hónapja
Who is ur wife?or do u have one or is it ur caousig jfnjf
Betty Pickle
Betty Pickle 2 hónapja
I love how he knew exactly what to do with tool's
Ernests Ločmelis
Ernests Ločmelis 2 hónapja
He or she is so cute!
Derbi vie rahat
Derbi vie rahat 2 hónapja
"the baby uneployment rate is 90%" *yo what is the 10%*
Ashv Flames_oz2
Ashv Flames_oz2 2 hónapja
my baby sister when she was 11 months old she doesn't put anything in her mouth and she knows how to drink milk by herself today my baby sister knows how to use money and say a b c d she's very smart you know and she's one of ten percent of babies!!! and she's a capitalist Communists say: this baby is the most wanted baby in communist history
Christopher Greentree
He’s got da moves
Jaydart 2 hónapja
7:10 😭 it’s beautiful
5undy supremecy
5undy supremecy 2 hónapja
I feel like you actually buried ureelfbin dirt
Johann Schmidt
Johann Schmidt 2 hónapja
Idea: make the baby an apron
The useless pickle eater
Baby’s are idiot leeches that don’t pay taxes #endbabys2021
Aidenlol bonzanto
Aidenlol bonzanto 2 hónapja
wow kids makeing things with wood owowowowow
Marvin Elliott
Marvin Elliott 2 hónapja
you i have 200000 subs me no you have 1.55mil subs
Aleksander Weedman
Aleksander Weedman 2 hónapja
When I was about that age I climbed 2m into a bookshelf before my mom came back to the room
Rebecca Lynn Matlock 2021
Did you make the baby human
Goodguy Typhlosion
Goodguy Typhlosion 2 hónapja
goooo goooo gaga gaaagaaa wah waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Vortex Theseawing
Vortex Theseawing 2 hónapja
What’s the other 10% of kids under 2 doing in the work force?
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