How Much Money Did I Make Fixing Broken Tools? 

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Im just trying to prove im not useless.

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Romy Haik
Romy Haik Napja
3:23 Ruthless
Bajineer Napja
This is completely useless but we have the same mouse
RJ TJ 2 napja
Pollution = fun
GcubePlayer8 3 napja
Make a part two
Jonathan Ballard
You only made play money so it doesn't really count. Rofl. Monopoly money!
frank w
frank w 4 napja
A mr.beast video would be money in the cash register, then he gives it all away as a tax write-off like his videos ...
Bigbouboskie 4 napja
The Chris joke at the end really caught me off guard
mrIsakify 7 napja
I always feel a primal fear when he opens the new phone box
Lumonetic Napja
a raw fear that rivals the fear of the unknown
Wasted Props
Wasted Props 7 napja
Horsnby scrap! Nice man! I was there in January sourcing materials for the feature film "Wyrmwood 2: apocalypse". Good to know you're up in sydney. Would love to meet up one day.
Emerald op
Emerald op 8 napja
He had to much fun In the intro
Eryk Fear
Eryk Fear 8 napja
Nowadays it is not difficult to fix something, just launch YT and follow the instructions. I do not throw it away, but it is broken, i sell it because someone who knows it, will fix it.
King Komotion
King Komotion 9 napja
thats messed up man
Cat on A toilet 2.0
Y o u r u s e l e s s I m u s e l e s s w e r e a l l a b s o l u t e l y u s e l e s s
Hembillion 10 napja
I want to know where you live I need shit
drift ballet Driftsamurai29
*Crunch crunch* That's the sound of my walking as I realised your totally right I have so much cleaning to do.
NiightSlayer YT
NiightSlayer YT 13 napja
C h r i s i s. S u s
jmatasov 13 napja
Next thing you should do is try to make a machine that attempts to stop pollution!!😆
Dyiing 13 napja
Bruh he got so lucky at 8:55 with the blade there
david smith
david smith 13 napja
I'm really to sell my body to Chris need cash 🤣
Deidara 14 napja
he just did cbt- LEMME BUY THOSE SO I CAN SMELL EM XD jk it was a joke but image cleaning em to just do cbt.
Pumpkin 16 napja
This man is a fictional member of society unlike me
Reece Walker
Reece Walker 16 napja
I don’t thing those are sheers I think there for cuting foreskin
This is the perfect combination of restoration, "ow, the edge," and "eh... I'll just buy a new part."
Not actualy here
Finaly somoene who sais it into my face usualy people try to be nice and stuff but being lied to is not nice
Hugo van Dam
Hugo van Dam 20 napja
"You're useless" Tell me something I don't know.
mozkito life
mozkito life 21 napja
Using your drill to clean a drill and using a drill to clean the drill cleaning your drill was next level shit.
Aymen DZ
Aymen DZ 22 napja
Time to visit the dump
Encomehh 22 napja
I'm the 7123 comment
darcy stabler
darcy stabler 24 napja
Why is he always putting random things in his body
darcy stabler
darcy stabler 24 napja
Actually I know how to fix every device in my house
Slayer sea of Thieves123
can you do more of these videos like this one
Noah G
Noah G 25 napja
The first 2:00 minutes he’s being so rood but funny 😆 😂🤣🤣
zechs black
zechs black 25 napja
The robot coupe is well worth the cost new. It's an industrial tool. It's essentially not replaceable in restaurants. Spending any less on one in a commercial setting is just a promise that you will be buying a whole new one every few months. They are also built with the expectation that you will repair them when they break, unlike most kitchen tool which are designed to be thrown away if anything breaks.
Smokexiz 25 napja
I think u need to stop consuming cocaine
Some SugaKookies
I guess I’ll just go back to work since my break is over.....I feel personally attacked....how the heck did you even know?
Saoul Gibson
Saoul Gibson 26 napja
I actually started doing this. Haven't made much money, but it's certainly entertaining.
Kat 26 napja
7:00 I did a thing being a good parent as usual
Mr.Moon. 27 napja
I am atcully a electronic and mechanic and a half blacksmith and this is hurt my heart 9:20.
J Ad
J Ad 27 napja
99.999% of the time it's the brushes.
Rero man
Rero man 27 napja
Please tell me the name if the intro song, i need it
Pastasketti 28 napja
the shears look like pp
Diabandana 28 napja
Shears? "oooooww". Check. That got me good lmao
Andrew 28 napja
Alisson Marques
Alisson Marques 28 napja
Stop fix tools, HUrun could pay you more...
Dylan Finch
Dylan Finch 28 napja
Ultimately all money in society comes from Chris
Stupidish Guy
Stupidish Guy 28 napja
My metal is made of phone with burrito
Arendiko 29 napja
you should do this again, was actually a good watch
Shane Oehler
Shane Oehler 29 napja
this video is so racist😂😂😂
Tomas Whelan
Tomas Whelan 24 napja
What no its not
Allstreamer _
Allstreamer _ 29 napja
Chinese factory kids don't have youtube
Tomas Whelan
Tomas Whelan 24 napja
Its a joke you fool
Morgan Jackson
Morgan Jackson 29 napja
"I wonder if this guy's Australian..." "How ya goin'?" "Yep!
Joshua Latham
Joshua Latham 29 napja
Casually flexing your dominator platinum RGB. 0:49
Tjeeper t
Tjeeper t Hónapja
This is a lot cooler than all those "restauration" channels out there
Gabriel Ledur
Gabriel Ledur Hónapja
Hytale Song? 0o0
bard oram
bard oram Hónapja
alex are you ok
Doc Rockulus
Doc Rockulus Hónapja
I need some cash so can you ask Chris to call me?
Spencer Cochran
Spencer Cochran Hónapja
ezedjay Hónapja
haha ben waaa - if you know you know
kcmk Hónapja
The Russian mafia likes your videos. Go ahead
Ismail Le MOI
Ismail Le MOI Hónapja
Red Phone
Red Phone Hónapja
Deleted it huh? You filthy animal 1.43 was not thing to say.
ceatuu Hónapja
@1:30 YOOOOO 😭😭😭brooo
Kamala Shrestha
Kamala Shrestha Hónapja
Cleaning a drill by a drill from a drill using water drill with a drill and a red drilling drill
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Hónapja
why does he have so many phones and laptops
Angelo Dela Cruz
if im useless ill just dont watch this XD
keegan hubatch
keegan hubatch Hónapja
this video really made me question
GetWrecked 1017
GetWrecked 1017 Hónapja
The scrapyard mr beast
Steven Ahearn
Steven Ahearn Hónapja
School teachers be like
Matthew Levitt
Matthew Levitt Hónapja
0:20 we have the same mouse
Martin Petersen
Martin Petersen Hónapja
you can earn quite a bit by organ sales. more than crispy chris pays
Benjamin Aldridge
This is a weird man but ok
Benjamin Aldridge
Peter Holland
Peter Holland Hónapja
.... I said old people home befor the joke ended and then you where helping an old man ... I'm going to hell but then again you made the video
Ziggy Baranieski
Me an 11 year old* actually i took apart a xbox and fixed the disk drive a couple days ago
Tony Hughs
Tony Hughs Hónapja
What do you mean I know how to fix and build a laptop and yes it might not awalys work but hey 7th Grade Everything was trail and error and now I am stuck with a wife and kid at 17 😂😂😂😂
Cole Harris
Cole Harris Hónapja
Someone in China made it There
Szymon Grabarczyk
I'm guessing something between "some" and "plenty enough".
Puffer Hónapja
Yeah, the beginning part of the video really made me wonder how my Samsung27.7 cu. ft. Family Hub 4-Door French Door Smart Refrigerator in Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel fridge actually works
Alston Swinnie
Alston Swinnie Hónapja
Sooooo this is more than a bit late.... but so you still have the shears?
Tomas Whelan
Tomas Whelan 24 napja
Its been 300 days and why do you want a shears?😂
Sebastian Bush
Sebastian Bush Hónapja
“Go have fun” instant regret lmao
eric moeller
eric moeller Hónapja
Its a TV
Luca N
Luca N Hónapja
if onley he had more money
SpookyRookie Hónapja
part 2?
cody silva
cody silva Hónapja
Make more vids dude
PirateOfSteeze Hónapja
Oi mate! That “Funky Uzbekistan Disco” song is groovy! I can dig it!
Ethan Lewis
Ethan Lewis Hónapja
a macbook 8 china made it and its made of aluminum with circuts and wires and it works by pressing butting and the mousepad.
M g
M g Hónapja
no fucking way thats insane
John O
John O Hónapja
Judging by the angle of the sun and amount of solar radiation that scrap yard must be in Hornsby, N.S.W.
Aman Singh
Aman Singh Hónapja
Hey, I have an amazing trick to remove grease from metals, sprinkle NaOH Or drain cleaner (it has 90% NaOH), and then pour hot water on them, all the grease and grime would release out very easily
Luna Liss
Luna Liss Hónapja
My mom; Exists
Linh mac
Linh mac Hónapja
drew gooden copyrighted intro
“you are useless” i already knew that
Stephen Cannon
Stephen Cannon Hónapja
Your video is so dorky but undeniably witty. Have a like and a sub...
Loic Garcia
Loic Garcia Hónapja
World: I have no clue how this works.. Me a kid who knows all about computers Me: My goals are beond your understanding and I am suppirior in every way!
Archer Little
Archer Little Hónapja
kyle Culp
kyle Culp Hónapja
We used those shears in the onion fields. They work amazing and are not cheap.
kyle Culp
kyle Culp Hónapja
Im jealous, we don't have scrap yards like that here in Washington. We hardly have pull your own parts junkyards
Christian O'Connor
Damn, you're hilarious!
Zain Carbajal
Zain Carbajal Hónapja
Are those scissors used for cbt
yermanoh Hónapja
ah ha the old if we didnt throw our weee waste away into 3rd world shitholes the native population wouldnt have any jobs recycling and cleaning that shit up delima,,,it might be a dirty dangerous life shortening job by someones kids have to do it and it sure as fuck wont be any 1st world kid, theres laws and regulations about that kind of thing
Sly Redstone
Sly Redstone Hónapja
He must be a good dad or whatever he was to that little man
KSI Only Does This Once A Day