Getting Stray Cats High To Stop Them Eating My Pets 

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i dont like cats.
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I did a thing
I did a thing 9 hónapja
Watch me torture more cats in part 1: hurun.info/to/vide/eZyDqZpjlpmzz9k.html
Cat 6 napja
Bruh wtf
Steven Melchin
Steven Melchin Hónapja
Interesting comment
get in
get in Hónapja
Fresh catnip is even better. My neighbor said his cat doesn't like catnip and doesn't respond to it. Well.....I grudgingly fed his cat for two weeks while he was on Sabbatical and I brought the cat some fresh catnip I have growing on my property. Guess what, that cat was in heaven and spread that catnip all over my friend's bed, his carpet, his sofa. I had to laugh and so did the cat. I'd never take care of that stinking animal ever again though. It took a dump while I was at the apartment and I had to leave because it stunk so bad. I've never even smelled a human that stunk that bad.
The Weirdest
The Weirdest 2 hónapja
Can I name the black chunky cat bear because he's tail looks like a Bear
Corporal Adrian Shepard
torture them more, im not following to brain cat plasm shit
MadBunnyRabbit 9 órája
I know it's a joke, but cat's dominance hierarchy differs from that of dogs. Dog, if raised wrongly (and I don't mean abusing the dog) will absolutely become the alpha of the house. It becomes your boss. Cats on the other hand take ownership of a territory. The higher in the hierarchy, the bigger the teritory. My old cat had like three different spots that were his favorie and would defend it. His scratcher was one such thing. But rest of the house was pretty much at my disposal. The new cat is very timid and I feel like his territory is in places he can hide, which is a bit sad. Another interesting fact is that dogs actually behave differently around humans while cats treat us the same way they would other cats. So who's being a manipulative schemer? btw. loved the video!
quellenathanar 9 órája
So instead of buying dog urine...get a free dog urine making machine.
anaisac1992 11 órája
Water guns.
Logan Ryan
Logan Ryan 12 órája
19:21 That's called buying a 50-cal rifle
M Talha Khalid
Requiem for a dream hahahahahah😅😅😅
M Talha Khalid
Why you hate cat so much🤔🤔
M Talha Khalid
Thumbnail look like cat is on marijuna
Polly g
Polly g Napja
man im having a freak out two identical Australian chanels with cats eating their animals turnah81 is that your brother????
ReddV 14!
ReddV 14! Napja
Next video title “Getting rid of all these mice in my yard since I got rid of all cats”
moosey Napja
Is there a name for the invasive bush sausage man species there?
Vratko Čižmár
Wait are you from Slovakia?
sulpher bratigh
People were mad at you just because you scared the cats? God forbid I didn't run your channel because I've shot these fuckers that enter my yard countless times lmao
Brendan's Channel
Dude u are funny as fuck !
I love cats! Also I feel like the one information is wrong. Cats do bond very well with their owner. Usually they greed their owner and then go straight for the food. Also if you catch a cat, make sure to check for the implanted chips that has the cats ID on it. If actually no one owns it. Spay/Neuter the cat and then release it. The cat Problem is man made and to only get rid of the cats from a random back yard will not be a solution in long term
Elemental Childd
That big boy rolling around in catnip is my guy yes my g gonna definitely blaze a zoot myself and give my 3 cats some nip 😂🤣
Skthmd Rmn
Skthmd Rmn 2 napja
the "hot" nature of cats was a bit too much
Luka Jeremic
Luka Jeremic 2 napja
Dje zivi milos? Where does milos live?
Alex Dilko - Topic
19:03 triggers my google home
Also Not Tom
Also Not Tom 2 napja
13:17 sorry but jump scaring cats that are tripping balls sounds way worse than just spooking cats lol
William 2 napja
Buy a .22 and shoot the cats.
Trishcraft 2 napja
Just feed them cheap cat food. Then they won't be hungry and eat your pets.
peW p3w
peW p3w 3 napja
This is great dad content ✨
Lukas Cotten
Lukas Cotten 3 napja
Oi SHUT UP, thank you
OriginalName 3 napja
I guess being afraid of big birds is normal for Australians, you did lose a war against them.
Harry Barlow
Harry Barlow 3 napja
"I'm still waiting for frog woman" See: Froppy
WozzyWatkins 3 napja
Get a dog that's how get rid of the cats
Wilddoc Official
Why dont the cats have tails tho 😂
gazuwa zak
gazuwa zak 3 napja
is your friend czech
Eric 3 napja
Eat them
Sol-Sky 3 napja
Arstotzkan Officer
8:55 awesome requiem for a dream reference there
Specific Ocean
Get some coyote traps.
Aka shirokuro
Aka shirokuro 4 napja
tbh just get a dog cats are stupid and a waste of time
William Johansson
Use bartiers meant for horses that uses electrisidy on your fenc and the holse
Stefan van der wals
Have you tried those high pitch kat scaring devices with motion sencor? It works wel they hate the high pitch and most humans over 30 wont hear it.its like a sharp wisle. I think it would save your backyard.
Dominik Ajdučić
I was gonna eat a bird, but then I got high
bald potato chip
just kill one of the cats and lay their remains around the yard to scare them of its what my dad did when we had cat and squirrel problems let me tell you they leave like that just and if anyone else has issues like this with whatever problem kill it and lay its remains around the yard it works
S̴H̶A̵D̸O̴W̶ ̷F̸R̶E̴D̷B̷E̴R̷ ̵
Just bough a gun and shoot them or them puting poisoned food this work for my nighbors and dogs I killed at list 34 cats and 23 dogs and rats ,mouses and birds when I was 10 I was Eagle like eyes now I have eye problems
DaMatth 5 napja
lol... we are living in switzerland and my dad "booby-trapped" our backyard (830m2) in the suburbs with 240V-wires... scaring was waaaaaaaaay back... cats hunt everything and destroy whole ecosystems!
Wyatt Parker
Wyatt Parker 4 napja
we hunt everything and destroy ecosystems...
dangolfishin 5 napja
Step 10- Get Rottweiler for yard
William Ratcliff
Don’t F with cats... and... buy more Bitcoin and HODLLL
Funny playlist Person
So many people saying you should just kill them, what is wrong with you people?
Ask Toft
Ask Toft 5 napja
G’et a fucking taser
Retro-Rap 593
Retro-Rap 593 5 napja
Dont hate me for this please, but just poison them! They are a problem for the whole ecosistem, so they gotta go
Wyatt Parker
Wyatt Parker 4 napja
we are a problem for the whole ecosystem.
Retro-Rap 593
Retro-Rap 593 5 napja
I understand, it is fucked, but cats killing more than 8 endemic species is fucked aswell. I see it like: by killing some cats, he can save a lot of species
Funny playlist Person
That’s fucked
Riley Dale
Riley Dale 5 napja
I like dogs. You can kill as any cats as you want
Sol-Sky 3 napja
I love both of those animals, please don't kill them.
planemod 5 napja
I like cats. You can kill as many dogs as you want
Mint repels cats..
mint gardener
mint gardener 6 napja
I’m an American, my suggestion is to shoot the cats with bullet traps
OceanWolf4ever9 UwU
But cats love catnip yo XD That's a treat not a discipline for them Edit: Why do you dislike cats so much? You can be a dog person but you don't need to disrespect and purposely harm cats like that,
Funny playlist Person
Why is there an edit
Zer0 Deaths
Zer0 Deaths 6 napja
My grandpa just shot them and slapped another Cheshire cat sticker on the buttstock of his rifle.
piru jay
piru jay 4 napja
I do this to wild dogs and pet dogs,it's funny when there owners find there dog lol
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson 6 napja
Get a better have-a-heart trap, and when you catch them. Leave them in there for a few hours, then “mark your territory on them” and release them. They do NOT come back
Andrea Alexander
This kinda messed up tho
Sol-Sky 3 napja
Nah, he ain't killing them, he is trying to scare them away mate.
Funny playlist Person
No it’s not?
Roulette Gaming
cats own the world confirmed?
Drepcikon 6
Drepcikon 6 6 napja
cat kill bird thats live men
Funny playlist Person
What are you talking about
taylor henderson
I know this video is about cats but the cute kid shaking the tree did it for me !! That was just too cute...I’m loving the cameo appearance. 🥰
zig Zay
zig Zay 6 napja
Get a dog it'll eat em
oof oof on rr
oof oof on rr 6 napja
/e dance for destroying cats lol
Kyle Lee
Kyle Lee 6 napja
u have to surprise them like a surpise attack
Cheyenne Cooke
Where are there tails?
Funny playlist Person
I stole them
Jaquavion tavious
I would have shot them all
Yes today I am
14:48 and then i got the shot gun
Kill them all 😂😂
Funny playlist Person
That’s sick
Tom Aussie
Tom Aussie 7 napja
Buy a rifle😂😂
spaztastic archer
Get a gun if your neighbors don’t listen they don’t get their cat anymore
Kevin Morales
Kevin Morales 7 napja
I love you voice mate! Greeetings from the Phillippines
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer 7 napja
Tinfoil and salt
Skilllie 7 napja
Suggestions then? Try giving them vitamin Pb in the form of .22 Lr....
John Ray
John Ray 7 napja
I was hooked when his legs were a stripper pole and the hook was set when he peed through the knothole.
Brooks Wilson
Brooks Wilson 7 napja
i did a thing: gets cat nip cat:you got drugs
rave d
rave d 7 napja
That tunnel seemed to work quite well just leave it there
Brooks Wilson
Brooks Wilson 7 napja
cat drugs
Aaron Playz
Aaron Playz 7 napja
Boil catnip into water next time if it’s not raining
The Pack Army
The Pack Army 7 napja
Normally my family just grabs the rifle and bangs off a couple rounds! Haha Go australia go!
johnny braaappp
A motion sensor attached on a flamethrower will do the job
Jaystarz2000 gaming
Go to war against Australia.
darkprince gaming
You could just buy a dog you know
Meet the Outlaw
I freaking HATE CATS! They are killing all of my songbirds in my yard all because owners can't keep they're stupid cats in their house!!! If you "care about animals" keep your cats in your house so they stop killing birds and other animals!!!!
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia 8 napja
Just get a pellet gun
Caleb Lanning
Caleb Lanning 8 napja
I prefer a 12 Gauge
evan bowling
evan bowling 8 napja
didnt think about a rubber snake?
Giorgo Goestur
I mean a sentry gun would do the trick but this is funnier
Connor Lasko
Connor Lasko 8 napja
Just plant actual cat nip
Brandon C
Brandon C 8 napja
**BB Gun**
r25 8 napja
Darwin Kim
Darwin Kim 9 napja
I LOVE CATS!!! CATS ARE CUTE!!! HOW DARE YOU BE MEAN TO CATS! I mean...feral cats, that's fine...
ricomock2 9 napja
If there isn't an owner to try to address the situation, just kill them... People get upset because they had/have pet cats (and they were probably the aholes who let their pets roam around loose), but the simple fact of the matter is that they are a destructive invasive species. Not only is stopping the destruction of the ecosystem the right thing to do, it's also our duty considering that we unleashed the destructive species that's destroying the ecosystem
H M 9 napja
Pellet guns work great
Game 9 napja
Cat is cat
Mannie Fresh
Mannie Fresh 9 napja
This saga was my favorite thing this week.
Trevor Patrick
Joshua Pina
Joshua Pina 9 napja
Bruh the ant was still in his pocket 😭😭😭
Armoured Brotherhood
Why not get a dog😒🙄
UNIK 9 napja
I’m sorry but if you are the top apex predator...in your world... 10:30 is a complete fail. Next time guillotine your prey, soldier. - Alpha Team
Iwantodie41 M
Iwantodie41 M 9 napja
This guy wouldn't hurt a fly or a single animal
HARV3STR 9 napja
wait......... the baby got eaten??????????????????
7106 datnt
7106 datnt 9 napja
I love killing stray cats 🤧🤧🤧
Sol-Sky 3 napja
Man, u're messed up in the head
Hey Im Here
Hey Im Here 9 napja
bro what
very confused
very confused 9 napja
I don't like cats that much but if you say it ppl are like you commited crime.
Hey Im Here
Hey Im Here 9 napja
Can you Not say that cats have No feelings?... Because that hurt my feelings- Cats are Beautiful creatures. But don’t let them run free- Dumb cat owners-
Rasmus Gustavsson
Well, cats don't really have feelings in the way other animals do, that's how they survive.
Thomas c
Thomas c 9 napja
Get a dog, problem solved
Kenny Plays
Kenny Plays 9 napja
Wouldn’t getting them high make them get the munchies and make it worse
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