Can You Bite Off Your Finger like a Carrot? 

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Have you ever looked at your fingers and wondered if you could eat them? Well lets find out if they really are a convenient, cheap and healthy snack!

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2019.nov. 6.






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kenan sara
kenan sara 6 órája
Ja wollim twoje wideos
My name jeff910
My name jeff910 19 órája
I bit so hard I bled
Tree-kun Napja
7:14 Among us hat
SodaCan Napja
He’s so smart that he put ice age in his fridge.
TheLonelyFish YT
6:58 AMOG US
Chris Swanner
Chris Swanner 2 napja
Next see how hard it is to bite a human penis... using the cheap bucket o plaster method would have been a rather unpleasant surprise if your tried your wiener first.. Your helper: hold still I’m just going to hit it with this sledgehammer..
Vlad 2 napja
But it is possible to bite of a finger maybe not as easy as a carrot and not in one bite but it is possible i heard many stories about it one was told by a policeman i know, he told me that once they arrested a Russian guy who was pretty intoxicated so they cuffed him with his arms in front and locked him in a cell some hours later they came to see how he is doing or to question him and they saw that he bited of hes thumb to get out of the cuffs.
FlyingScotsman 93
I love how there is Psytrance in the odd intro.
GrezyVR 2 napja
right when i saw ice age in the freezer i went strait to comments
Curtis Gabriel
Ive wacked my wingers off things dozens of times and it does nothing but hurt a little. Wack a carrot off a something and it breaks in half quite easily.
Totes McGoats
Totes McGoats 4 napja
Hmmm im hungry......wait.....fingers...
Max Hawley
Max Hawley 5 napja
spiky_fish 6 napja
i actually dont think u can, i tried biting the skin on the top of my finger with almost max force and it left a big dent but i still wasnt bleeding so im pretty sure u cant bite off ur finger.
you're hilarious lool, and this video as silly as it is, was hella interesting
Haiden H
Haiden H 7 napja
What happened to comments Michael Jackson is lesbian
Gage watson
Gage watson 8 napja
it is fish fingers
ruv's singing tutor
Yes you can actually bite it like a carrot, but your brain doesnt let you do it
Biue9078 8 napja
The answer is no, I tried
me me
me me 8 napja
the rabbits would hunt us down if we had carrot fingers
wyatt animations
What the body fuck is that intro
Brendan Dean
Brendan Dean 9 napja
I already tried and it didn’t come off
very confused
very confused 9 napja
I swear I am getting worried for this HUrunr
Alex Liu
Alex Liu 9 napja
The hat he had at 6:58 has AMONGUS ON IT
Ricky Galante
Ricky Galante 10 napja
Amy's a d**k head
drift ballet Driftsamurai29
Omg that scissor scene had me throw my hands on my face screaming no
Natron Fa†u'MallaFalla
Put some socks on fr man
Alex Wammery
Alex Wammery 11 napja
Alternative title: white supremacist intentionally flips off millions!
KremeXynity 11 napja
he did a thing
Stephanie Lawson
Answer is NO STUPID
Kimi Chong
Kimi Chong 12 napja
You have to do the middle
Kevilito07 _
Kevilito07 _ 13 napja
8:10 When the imposter is sus
Zee boi
Zee boi 13 napja
I thought the finger was something else.....
Wolvesheart Wolfie
u pulling the rude finger and dancing🤣😂
franklin fox
franklin fox 14 napja
Albanian don't talk like that bro
franklin fox
franklin fox 14 napja
We say pidhi
there are actually people born with six fingers.
Mikiko Gunn
Mikiko Gunn 14 napja
Now I want carrots :(
ғ ʀ ᴏ ɢ ɢ ɪ
Bro this is not a joke
Wild Child
Wild Child 15 napja
amogus 7:00
A Bizarre Pizza Guy
I like baby fingers, they are just better versions of baby carrots
Nathan West
Nathan West 15 napja
fun fact the hardest bones in our body are in our fingers, only our teeth are harder I once kinda hit my finger with a machete, it should have at least cut trough a twig that is as thick as a finger(ore more), but the blade simply glanced off the bone so yeah, fingers are crazy tough, skin ain't no joke either a worker can have pretty thick skin on their hands
•You But Satan•
Why did my mouth hurt watching the little jaw breake-
Chillz 16 napja
I love how hes kinda flipping us off
QIBLYZ 163 16 napja
I've tried it. doesnt work :)
յɑʍҽՏ ӀɑςƘíղ
ur dcrazy as hell
Sašo Kotnik
Sašo Kotnik 16 napja
lol balkan movie in ur video XD and its not albanian
TeaS 16 napja
finger go ouch!
Nigel Hemsworth
Nigel Hemsworth 16 napja
7:11 oh god....
Louismaodeog 17 napja
Yup 17 napja
Silicone grease on the fingers before doing the mold would help
午前Goose 17 napja
Why do you sound like surge Me in my mind: there both australian
Izzy Loney
Izzy Loney 18 napja
I must not be human cause I don't have a tail
Red Among us
Red Among us 18 napja
He's silently flipping us off
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 18 napja
5:59 🖕alarm
Armando Chukaj
Armando Chukaj 18 napja
Right as you were gonna drop it an add showed up 😆
Gunner_XII 18 napja
That serbian was actually flawless
Donovan Morrow
Donovan Morrow 19 napja
Me: scrolling through HUrun *sees this video* ooohh biting fingers off.
Undeadkindness PS4
My granny bit a persons finger off and it sounded like a carrot!😂😂😂😂
Nicholas Howell
Nicholas Howell 20 napja
ha ha funny
Thelilsavage 20 napja
5:55 this was so random he did his middle finger...made me laugh
Roblox Ro-Scale trains
Him: (makes finger molds) His finger: go fuck yourself
Jeffrey Phillip
Jeffrey Phillip 21 napja
How is he not hitting his head when he jumps in between doorways?
Andras Sziklasi
Andras Sziklasi 21 napja
I bite on my finger and its still on bam
SmellTheL 21 napja
take that science
Ron Matson
Ron Matson 22 napja
The bucket has ALOT more surface area than your hand,and yes thats the chemical process
Ron Matson
Ron Matson 22 napja
Did southpark ruin "fishdicks"
Binnkky 22 napja
Think they meant u can bite it off just like how you can bite a carrot off. Probably not as easy or nor the same amount of force applied. Still probably inaccurate because bones and teeth are made of the same material.
Elij Kun
Elij Kun 22 napja
5:24 at least you will have the fingers for the experiment?
Dylan Finch
Dylan Finch 23 napja
If he did the intro naked, the people in the ER would have never believed he actually fell on a carrot.
Oliver Scheiman
Oliver Scheiman 23 napja
Lindsay N
Lindsay N 23 napja
why dude like i get that you want to know but why?
W H 23 napja
OK the flipping bit got me.
Coomer 23 napja
Yo there is a drawing on the skull hat and it looks SOOOO SUS
John B
John B 23 napja
Our bones are literally almost the strength of steel, can you bite steel like a carrot when it’s as thick as our bone?
vovapopa 24 napja
Yeah, biting the finger is possible, but only through eternal pain and really long bite
Joyce The German Shepherd
1:43 them words werent albanian and i know what they mean LOOL
Caleb Hutchings
Caleb Hutchings 24 napja
Apocalypticable 24 napja
A 19-year-old girl actually lost 8 of her fingers doing what you did with the plaster there. The internal temperature of the plaster gets as hot as 60 degrees C after it sets. and she couldn't get her fingers out in time.
GeneralHuntr 24 napja
I bet you bit your tounge after you reading he title..
RacingClips 25 napja
all the dirty minded people at 0:00 - 0:27 “oh my gosh, wow!”
Benjamin Nguyen
Benjamin Nguyen 25 napja
5:59 When you give squeeze you get middle finger which says fuck you
Mooflee 25 napja
1:44 "Motherfucker" "oh? Whats this"
R Are you sure you entered your name correctly?
"And I know this ain't very scientific" I stopped thinking scientific method was going to be involved the very moment you got your hand stuck in plaster.
ReyzrG 25 napja
4:44 what are you doing step finger
madison dukes
madison dukes 25 napja
All I can think is why didn’t you wear a rubber or latex glove before you put your hand in ahahahaha
Chaosvolt 26 napja
Normies: "But I don't want to bite my finger off to test it!" Aussies: "Make a fake finger from real bones and test how much weight it takes to sever it." Aussies after they sober up: "Bite down on a carrot and your finger at the same time and see which gives up first duh."
ScrapBear 26 napja
Polpo didn't had difficulty
Samus Aran
Samus Aran 26 napja
Too many ads, couldn’t watch the entire video although it seems interesting.. what a shame...
winchester7377 27 napja
We are going to go see you soon I don’t know
Eat shit actual suggestion that would be entertaining. Thanks!
scoped 27 napja
U picku materinu got me
Damir Rakovic
Damir Rakovic 27 napja
1:44 eyyyy balkanac
Dj BlackOut
Dj BlackOut 27 napja
He did a thing
Alex Mercer
Alex Mercer 27 napja
Is that a real song or something he made at the start
DiabeticBabySnail 69
Queso Liquido
Queso Liquido 28 napja
That intro made me cringe so hard......ahhh :(
Jiren 29 napja
Did he say human tails?
Austin Jennings
Austin Jennings 29 napja
Human tails?
oogyboogy b
oogyboogy b 26 napja
Do you not have a tail?
Jiko 29 napja
among us is on the skull's hat
MhRULZ 29 napja
A Aussie being a Aussie is this channel
Benjy 29 napja
Ja samo čekam balkance da odgovore na ovaj komentar
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