Can Rockets be used to Plant Trees? 

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I have always felt that planting trees was a boringly peaceful affair, so introducing TREE ROCKETS!

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I did a thing
Yes i know they arent actually "Rockets". Fight me!
David Rassam
David Rassam 6 napja
Ok I’ll fight you mate
Ralph Corbin
Ralph Corbin 8 napja
@Kieran Devin yup, I have been using flixzone for months myself :)
Kieran Devin
Kieran Devin 8 napja
a tip: you can watch movies at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching a lot of movies recently.
Burger Studio
Burger Studio 24 napja
i won the fight
Free flops
Free flops 26 napja
No u
Riptide Thenotable
Viagra spider lol
freddie freeman
freddie freeman 9 órája
Alfie Greenwood
Ah yes the tampod shooter
Wendy Dawson-Graham
Your content is class informative with the right amount of dry funness. 👌 thank u
Salty 13 napja
Man in Australia talks about dangerous spiders
jmatasov 13 napja
Monkeys are actually smart
That Ladd
That Ladd 13 napja
have you heard of the russian rocket truck "katyusha"? we should get a bunch and get a bunch of these rockets... you get the idea
Iryna Yaroshchuk
Next thing you know there’s a mine gun that shoot seeds the most U.S way to plant seeds
joshua crooks
joshua crooks 20 napja
I learnt that only 10% of our oxygen comes from the trees and the rest comes from these little enzymey things in the water so actually we shiuld stop water,pollution
Teknik Group
Teknik Group 20 napja
u got the plants wrong mate..u need LANTANA or PRIVET or something hardy and noxious....we want growth...any growth!!!
Mr Burrito
Mr Burrito 25 napja
Oh so that's the reason behind fire in jungle
Andrew 27 napja
soo we are getting new kind of humans and you are nuking them for being smart
Paul Jake
Paul Jake 27 napja
rpeet687 27 napja
Bro, your ceiling...
NguyenNgocThao Nguyen
The fancy dimple morphologically rot because grip fifthly multiply via a fanatical store. curly, ubiquitous twig
VeganJayson Hónapja
Everyone is saying it’s politicians, rich land owners, monkeys but are we gonna that Australia has fire setting hawks? Like they purposely set the forest on fire to lure out prey
Jackson Wheeler
Jackson Wheeler Hónapja
i just realised that i live very close to i did a thing that concreate wall is near to my home
Monkey Boyz
Monkey Boyz Hónapja
It’s stealthy stronghold from Fortnite
Jesse Maffina
Jesse Maffina Hónapja
I know where that is, my local dam
Kevin Langner
Kevin Langner Hónapja
Little tree and fat tree lmao
JA9019 5
JA9019 5 Hónapja
The rockets had plastic on the top..... so it’s not biodegradable
Constantinos Hónapja
η απλα ριχνεις σπορους απο ψιλα, ειναι ποιο οικονομηκο και ποιο λογικο να δουλεψει
Mikail Kraft
Mikail Kraft Hónapja
Did you say… gouging for gauging?
LEGEND 3401 Hónapja
look a plane up there
Zachary Benatar
Zachary Benatar Hónapja
"grab all the toilet paper"- he predicted 2020?
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson Hónapja
Imagine chillin out in the woods and you get ended by a tree missile falling from the sky... I AM GROOT
mason gamer
mason gamer Hónapja
:( i havent got a dad
Miles Bryant
Miles Bryant Hónapja
6:02 ;-;
Belial61 Hónapja
Authentic Australian shitposting
Srdjan Savic
Srdjan Savic Hónapja
dude do u know the heviest metal in the world like this / / big and its hevy like relly hevy for that kind of smal thing put that in tip of rocket where that yelow part 8:13 is and u have weight for that so it wil stick even beter in ground but leave the paper thing like it is and there u go
M8_gamer Man
M8_gamer Man Hónapja
3:28 hmm are you sure that’s not about guns?
Lethal Chicken
Lethal Chicken Hónapja
Absolutely lost it at the toilet paper thing 🤣
Lethal Chicken
Lethal Chicken Hónapja
Never thought I'd hear the words "viagra spider"
Deus Vult Infidel _Templar4554
Those aren’t rockets
No Faced Gamer
No Faced Gamer Hónapja
Hiroshima and Nagasaki anyone?
DMGamer_ Hónapja
100% thought the camera was going to pan down and reveal the rope swing was a noose.
Antloverguy Hónapja
when the people making those tree bombs be like, "how are we supposed to make this???", comes across this video..... "I know what I must do"
נוי זכריה
pla is a good material. its plastic that is made of corn cobs and its biodegradable
Parkes D
Parkes D Hónapja
Where is that place I know it’s Sydney someone help please
ansbdal Hónapja
you see a bomber it drops tree rockets *it drops tree rockets*
Neonrainbow _850
Big monke
01knight01 Hónapja
He just turned a tampon cannon into a nuke launcher
Nathan Prins
Nathan Prins Hónapja
America will be looking in a damn jungle
Elan Schinader
Elan Schinader Hónapja
As a brazilian, I think this might actually work, where do the volunteers get signed?
Fallcool Guy
Fallcool Guy Hónapja
1:12 POV: you’ve been chased up a tree by a huntsman spider while visting Australia
CannedParty Hónapja
"Little Tree and Fat Tree" I get that reference but I'm not sure I like it. Oh, wait, I'm American, I definitely like it.
Anthony Ryan
Anthony Ryan Hónapja
How many of our cousins are going to get hit in the head with a hemp cannister filled with seeds.. ouch.
FAZZ Hónapja
All of the dead animals will be fertilizer.
Rick Wilson
Rick Wilson Hónapja
they are misels
A random dude xylb
Amarica nukes check atomic bombs check normal explosive bombs check tree bombs the general wait what
andre cambronero
7:40 ´´UAV inbound´´
Justin MacDonald
hey, I never actually thought about throwing toilet paper on the roof. I'm gonna do it from now on
Onelittle Nothing
Oh shit, yeah, that shit got on fire, i forgot about that.
Keith czap
Keith czap Hónapja
It wasn’t monkeys it was the mailboxes
Shadow Noob
Shadow Noob Hónapja
A more giant experiment can, “we use eco friendly fuel to make a nuke?”
Saogus Jacobs
Saogus Jacobs Hónapja
7:05 so nobody is dum enough to say that’s the Great Wall of China good
JoeChemo Hónapja
what about trinitree
Jonas Magoto
Jonas Magoto Hónapja
He starts out all serious and then goes into ridiculous without a warning
Simon Wang
Simon Wang Hónapja
The perpetual baker monthly exist because process congruently repair pro a premium clover. cut, parallel lathe
Vinijoncrafts Hónapja
*m o n k e*
4:54 dont ask
Sr. Fireskull III
Tree bomb literally mc tree observer tnt
NyanC4t Hónapja
5:45 “Pack our cones w some tree” Wish I was doing that rn
the reason it didnt land right is because you forgot the fins in the back peter sripol also tried this but it worked because: 1. he didn't forget fins 2. he has a plane
Isaac Sutphen
Isaac Sutphen Hónapja
You just needed to put a little weight in the tip of the tree bomb so it would fly straight down
Tyler Tyler
Tyler Tyler Hónapja
I like how he puts a container of dirt on the grass in his yard. Like why not just shoot the ground? 😂
scipioafricanus Hónapja
the point with hitting animals is kind of obsolete. you wouldn't drop this in a healthy forrest, but in a region that was burnt down and thus devoid of large animals.
D Rozzelle
D Rozzelle Hónapja
you probably should've put fins on the end to make them more likely to dig themselves into the ground.
Spectrum Hónapja
The video should be called making custom carrots because the thumbnail looked like a custom carrot
Spectrum Hónapja
Nice carrots
D Washington
D Washington Hónapja
This reminds me of that cynide and happiness skit with the seed gun
Gunnar Harmon
Gunnar Harmon Hónapja
That spider oh hell no
Wooshketon Hónapja
You should drill holes in the shell, then fill them with natural ceramics, so the holes shatter, allowing the trees to grow
Bow-Tied Engineer
so much snark!
Meme_ boy
Meme_ boy Hónapja
it all because of the monkey
ClintonxA Hónapja
When an Aussie complains about how bad somewhere is because of the spiders that live there you know it's bad.
Joshua Warby
Joshua Warby Hónapja
Light one on fire then you will be snaking cones
Giga_Gaming Hónapja
the part where he tested it i figured out why it wouldnt land accurately you see he needed fins to increase the drag of the tree bombs those fins also help keep the bomb straight thats how people make bombs fly straight down to the ground
8:50 grass shaked before it touched it
7:00 demonitized
Artboi Hónapja
How am I only noticing now that the bird in his profile pic has pink crocs?
Rhys Tregeagle
Rhys Tregeagle Hónapja
Koala died of a plant raining raining on it. Whoops I meant deadly plant shooting bazooka
Zhuoxian Luo
Zhuoxian Luo Hónapja
Monkeys? Are you serious?
SpeedPeep 2 hónapja
the poor worm in the dirt for the launcher test
Sam Peschk
Sam Peschk 2 hónapja
Surprised it's not an Estrella
Alex 2 hónapja
7:16 miss ile
Morrison loves meat
I use the tree to save the trees
Shrawan Dhawale
Shrawan Dhawale 2 hónapja
is that the bruline wall??
Goodguy Typhlosion
Goodguy Typhlosion 2 hónapja
Lee247 2 hónapja
ami the only one who saw a propeller plane that looks like an atr42 photobomb him when he was dropping the plants from the tall structure
Matthew Carr
Matthew Carr 2 hónapja
i got an add for a rocket science master class ...
Firigion Puff
Firigion Puff 2 hónapja
Is this aussie flaming the amazonas for their spiders? Look in your backyard, mate!
Luca Pogainis
Luca Pogainis 2 hónapja
Wayne King
Wayne King 2 hónapja
I found this video by searching tree carrot bombs.
Rich G
Rich G 2 hónapja
1:36 plz tell me the name of this song. Sombody
Potassium Cyanide
Potassium Cyanide 2 hónapja
Probably too late to say this, but you lack fin or stabiliser
BlueScarFire 2 hónapja
Go to 1:23 it looks like battlefield 5s firestorm
offagec 2 hónapja
"pack our cones with some trees" I SEE U
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