Can I Make A Speargun Using Only Trash? 

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I did a thing
I did a thing 3 hónapja
If there are any fish watching. Im sorry :(
Jacob Escobar
Jacob Escobar 2 napja
@scarecrow frominjustice2 all hail king scarecrow
scarecrow frominjustice2
glup glup im the big fish from injustice 2 and im sending my fishy army after you
Jacob Escobar
Jacob Escobar 3 napja
how did you know i was eleven and like sharp stuff
Noah Idot
Noah Idot 11 napja
did you do the thing yet
Fuzzy Shady
Fuzzy Shady 12 napja
lborlet 9 órája
I’m surprised the electric ray didn’t hurt more, those things are what torpedos are named after
Random gaming central
10:35 that joke tho 😶
Patrick Marquez
Am I the only one that’s annoyed by the stupid theatrics of this video and how he’s trying really hard to be funny but apparently it’s like United Kingdom dry humor and not at all funny in any sort of way... just show me how the fucking spear shoots and quit with your stupid fake videos of you trying to be funny it’s annoying honestly.
Average Po
Average Po Napja
Imagine not knowing that camo spray paint exists. Pleb.
Kingj 23cavsbr0
That school shooting joke was messed up
Tibet Kılıç
1:28 Him: It's gonna be made entirely out of things you can find at home. Also him: Okay, so the first thing I did was leave my home XD
Romy Haik
Romy Haik 2 napja
13:48 as a Jew myself, I laughed my ass off
Cheesy Movie Productions
So you're using trash that could have ended up in the environment and killed fish.... to kill fish?
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet 3 napja
do another video of it
Darksamich 11
Darksamich 11 3 napja
I like how he got more fish with trash than he did with a real speargun
Pierre-Alain Courgeon
I really love your Humor!
Desert Eagle
Desert Eagle 3 napja
hunting can be good, when you aren't hunting endangered species
Teresa Worthington
"I don't want to be associated with MEN THAT HUNT." Man shut the hell up. Your vid is straight dog water and have you even actually hunted. Putting in for a draw you will most likely not get, scouting out the wildlife for days. Hiking miles to humanely kill a deer or elk or any other legal animal to kill. Hiking back out with hundreds of pound's of meat on your back. Shut up and don't talk about something you don't know.
Daniel Kintigh
Dude has obviously never hunted in his life
foxtred hmil
foxtred hmil 4 napja
hey could you hook me up with sam pls
T. Kesh
T. Kesh 4 napja
Until the second part
T. Kesh
T. Kesh 4 napja
He didn’t even use the speargun he made
Jbj25 Jackson
Jbj25 Jackson 4 napja
Nobody going to talk about the glitch in The matrix okay
Kinnick Capalla
I’m not 11 I’m 10
HOc 5 napja
they do look delicious
flash heathe
flash heathe 6 napja
wow well that s saving the ocoen
Roulette Gaming
so why wasent "I did a thing" apart of the speargun?
Daniel Estevez
Man's DIY speargun seemed to aim better then a proffesional speargun
"Everyone can make this"
PAY R3SPECTS 7 napja
i got my rubber from my moms garbage
Velguard 7 napja
This just in: man teaches impressionable children how to make a deadly ranged weapon. But seriously this is super cool to watch. Good videos man
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia 7 napja
He didnt realize stepping or grabbing the tale wrong could kill him😅
Mr. Gaming
Mr. Gaming 8 napja
“Salmon travel in large schools as big numbers of fish make it very hard to pick a single target protecting them from getting shot, which works as I missed and if only this same tactic worked for kids in American schools.” Took me a minute to realize what he meant
J D 8 napja
really want to know the name of the groovy chill underwater piano song
Yellow 8 napja
17:44 What's the green stuff you take here?
Bella V
Bella V 3 napja
Probably either pesto or salsa Verde
MultiGangus 8 napja
You didn’t even use the shitty gun you made
Bella V
Bella V 3 napja
Wtf are you talking about, at 15:10 he shot his first fish and then proceeded to catch three more
Jack Krauser
Jack Krauser 10 napja
I'm glad he chased away those stingrays to get some revenge for Steve Irwin
Freethedog 10 napja
I did a thing's content is so good, he deserves too turn into a convertible! LeSSssSS GOOOoooOO!
Some Asian Dude
Some Asian Dude 11 napja
plot twist. he is a time traveler telling us how to survive the apocalypse
aki - senpai
aki - senpai 11 napja
Thats a big pool ya got :)
Holy Crusader
Holy Crusader 12 napja
"If only the same tactic worked in American schools" DAAAAAAAAAAANG
Fuzzy Shady
Fuzzy Shady 12 napja
Bowl Of Carrots
Bowl Of Carrots 13 napja
Using the thing killing the fish to kill the fish
Tina Rose
Tina Rose 13 napja
Am I the only one that caught onto what he said or😳 10:34
KinckerBuster 13 napja
Now make a shotgun
Kellan Barnson
Kellan Barnson 13 napja
that kid is so cte and funy
Nathaniel Miller
i don't think the song WAP can be made into a spear sadly.
swansonian1 13 napja
I came here from your Pizza Cutter Roller Blades. HUrun hit me with two unkippable Dominoes Pizza ads. Never again after their rejection of pizza cutter roller blades.
Henco de Lange
Henco de Lange 13 napja
As a South African I'm offended by the ded rhino :
How many school shootings per hour did this video cost?
nerdneckexe 14 napja
or fish on a charter and catch fish using rod and reel and kill the fish imeadiatly
orueđ 14 napja
man spear fishing seems fun just a shame i live in the center of sweden where every lake is murky and shame i dont have a wetsuit maybe i can try it out when i go to the coast this summer
Chayse McGhee
Chayse McGhee 14 napja
the speargun he is using is no the one he made
Deidara 14 napja
"a 11 year old child that is definitely responsible enough to have a murder weapon" honestly your definitely a great dad for your baby child XD imma use that advice if I get a child.
Error Unknown
Error Unknown 14 napja
You gotta stop using the word rubber so carelessly
Joseph Alvarez
Joseph Alvarez 15 napja
Btw some rifles are american or Australian made.
Joseph Alvarez
Joseph Alvarez 15 napja
Or pistols
Meme Boi
Meme Boi 15 napja
Baby: fish is fish
Rackafu Games
Rackafu Games 15 napja
How did you know that I was 11
Box Head
Box Head 15 napja
Fun Fact: Ace used to steal bikes.
Wall Walll
Wall Walll 16 napja
Anyone fingers out why he fell
Christian Nistelrooy
Trash is killing fish one way or another
Jonathans Hamon
Jonathans Hamon 16 napja
This guy alone could quite literally defeat every Emu in Australia with Preparation time 😂
The wolf den
The wolf den 16 napja
I have one thing to ask are you ok you have a fork in your back
Kevin Justiz Rodriguez
6:29 where did it go what
Thomas Ferguson
Thomas Ferguson 17 napja
Why just why did he eat cereal with a forkkkkkk
D.L. 17 napja
This is what people mean with "Trash kills fish"
Benjamin Kerr
Benjamin Kerr 17 napja
Even the people who buy spears or what ever they are fake to other people did it too
Benjamin Kerr
Benjamin Kerr 17 napja
Uuuuuuuuuw baracooda
Benjamin Kerr
Benjamin Kerr 17 napja
I don’t say bucks i say either euro or cents idk what it even means??!
Bella V
Bella V 3 napja
It means United States dollars, it’s more of a slang term
Mr. Juicy
Mr. Juicy 17 napja
Trash is still killing fish
garfield YT Roblox
Can I Make A Speargun Using Only Trash? homeless ppl: perhaps?
Codi Serville
Codi Serville 17 napja
10:35 Whoa! I'd say shots fired but that just sets it up for more
Billy Hubert
Billy Hubert 17 napja
spice Kodaki
spice Kodaki 18 napja
3:45 lol
Dark Bro
Dark Bro 18 napja
why is nobody asking why that kid was eating cereal with a fork?
EneMini !
EneMini ! 18 napja
ChrisPlaysGames 18 napja
still killing fish with trash though
SIIIOXIDE 18 napja
Take down a rhino with a spear. Like a real man XD
JJ Boyz0811
JJ Boyz0811 18 napja
Now, I don't mean to brag, but I can spear a mean Romaine lettuce leaf if I've got the right tools.
lonely. till die
I saw ✨biceps✨
Stickman 123
Stickman 123 19 napja
How did he know
Trinicanadian 230
That’s not even him
Stickman 123
Stickman 123 19 napja
No it not
Trinicanadian 230
Bro this shit fake
Ace Rune
Ace Rune 19 napja
It’s like Subnautica IRL I’m tripping mate
KKKo 54
KKKo 54 19 napja
Selam aleyküm
Iryna Yaroshchuk
Bro just get a shoot gun and go fishing 100kill streak
Renee Cook
Renee Cook 19 napja
1st thing how do you know my age... 2nd thing how did you do the computer thing
Aaron Songer
Aaron Songer 20 napja
If only this had worked for kids in American schools, that got me good lol.
2 3___ = 3
Lol No
Lol No 20 napja
Please say wrench thx
Nicholas Hoffmeyer
This was gorgeous. I’m speechless after watching this. In a good way
HomeHeart plays
HomeHeart plays 21 napja
Lol alfa men
HomeHeart plays
HomeHeart plays 21 napja
M4A3E8 Sherman
M4A3E8 Sherman 21 napja
A new meaning for “trash kills animals”
Austin Geller
Austin Geller 21 napja
Is that a Specialized Stumpjumper with 12 speed eagle?
AJ Smith
AJ Smith 21 napja
Well I have a make shift sword time to add a makeshift spear gun to my arsenal.
AJgummy 21 napja
You can make this entierly with things you find at home. (Proceeds to leave home).
Jeevgaming 0990
Jeevgaming 0990 21 napja
Anyone notice the part where he almost died
Dejan Xhafaj
Dejan Xhafaj 21 napja
Elina Lundqvist
Elina Lundqvist 21 napja
Im 11
Ari 21 napja
I.d.a.t narrating: Peacefully talking about stingrays I.d.a.t in the footage: SCREAMING AT STINGRAYS
Disfunction 22 napja
10:23 yooo that’s dark humor at its finest
The Wolfs Den
The Wolfs Den 22 napja
Wish I had a pool like that
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