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I did a thing
Hi, please follow me on Twitter and make me a cool guy twitter.com/ididathing1
Bowen Daxton
Bowen Daxton 10 napja
@Andrew Atlas Definitely, I've been using Flixzone for months myself :D
Andrew Atlas
Andrew Atlas 10 napja
A tip: watch series on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching loads of movies during the lockdown.
name Hónapja
Don't have Twitter
COOL BOY PLAYZ 3 hónapja
Ginger James
Ginger James 4 hónapja
i got an ad right as you said it
Ticquel Mohammed
I jus love this youtube channel this man does these random shit and its always funny🤣🤣🤣
Fuzzy Shady
Fuzzy Shady 2 napja
What a man
Nico 3 napja
Adam Sheppard
Adam Sheppard 4 napja
1:30 Wait, this isnt technology connections
Roulette Gaming
Как обычно
Чиво? Русская молитва)
Professor raccoon
Me and the homies thought we were watching “I did a thing” till we saw some oil porn in the video
Godzilla fan 513
So enjoy that a- music intensifys
Baby Rothh
Baby Rothh 10 napja
Why is his voice so calming
Sapphire Gaming
Sapphire Gaming 12 napja
Roberto Esposito
Amogus nails
Rylan Burgess
Rylan Burgess 13 napja
No power cord to the monitor, that's a bit sussy.
KanuTah yToMKa
KanuTah yToMKa 14 napja
lol i have the same mouse as you
Dready Glass
Dready Glass 16 napja
It looks much better if you get a small tool to heat up and do the brand bit by bit rather than the whole thing at once
Will C.
Will C. 18 napja
This was so good! 💙
kingkidtmgaming 20 napja
Time to start the cherch of I did a thing. It is a cult!
Plokpanda15 '
Plokpanda15 ' 22 napja
7:32 When among us is Sus
Your friend the roblox noob
Zuber mohammad Miah hamza
2:25 wajt if he has 4 arms he has 2 balls... HUH
Turtleneck Jesus
I hate click bait videos like this
Aemtie Alien
Aemtie Alien 23 napja
Nyahboy 25 napja
Everywhere I go I see it
KhaosHunter 26 napja
7:00 Hell yeah oil up that wood good
graham cross
graham cross 26 napja
I think it's funny how he eats glue but not spinich.
Sebas Ordonez
Sebas Ordonez 26 napja
WHAT! U PUT YOU'RE LOGO ON YOU'RE FRIEND.......................?
ElLobsterMan 26 napja
Among us
Brody Penn
Brody Penn 27 napja
6:41 He says “least sexual way possible” and then plays the music that plays in gay porn advertisements😂
will berdon
will berdon 27 napja
So a tatto but with extra steps
Andrew Webb
Andrew Webb 28 napja
A guy at my high school agreed to let another student brand him for $13 and half a can of dip...
Brand Matthews
Brand Matthews 29 napja
I’m paranoid because he was calling my name the entire video
Hugh Pierse
Hugh Pierse 29 napja
I’m Hugh
personwhodumb Hónapja
I'm watching your videos because a friend said they were awesome and forced me to watch it, tracked this video down on my own account to post this and say boooorring sorry
Paolo Castillo
Paolo Castillo Hónapja
6:00 amogus
thatrandomdude Hónapja
I'm sorry but it doesn't count if it likes knife play😂😂😂😂 I'm so sorry
ceatuu Hónapja
nice bowl mate
Ella R
Ella R Hónapja
The effort he puts into his vids I love it
Tyler Hónapja
Hes wearing shoess
Omri Shahar
Omri Shahar Hónapja
I don't know anyone with a more accurate channel name.
Karolina Hónapja
Biting nails club, i'm in 🤷‍♀️
raymond duncil
raymond duncil Hónapja
Dammit. Saw the book , knew it was a tosser and flinched to the side so I'd miss the knife and the cheese scatter shot me.
TinCan 9545
TinCan 9545 Hónapja
A a amogu
Andre Hónapja
Smoking is to gay for me.
Riecheur Hónapja
Someone 1254
Someone 1254 Hónapja
Accept the face shield god. And he will accept you.
monyta Hónapja
Enjoy that ad *plays ad* vertisement
SR2008 Hónapja
6:00 among......us...
BYTECH Hónapja
Do you know you could just have gotten a tattoo
walugi Hónapja
Im Waluigi, and i approve this video
Botond Tresó
Botond Tresó Hónapja
i think your finnger looks like an among us character xd
Grimm.R6 Hónapja
7:36 amogus
Quinn Nosbod
Quinn Nosbod Hónapja
Chang Shu
Chang Shu Hónapja
Hey, i love ur videos, they are fucking awesome! Also i have problems with biting my nails as well (at my peak times i remember my nails on my index finger was less than 0.5cm long, it was kinda crazy), but then it kinda gotten better after i got Raylex. Its just like a marker that u can apply on ur nails, they are nasty as shit, so i slowly managed to control it, however sometimes when shit gets stressful i will still bite them, but whenever that happens just pick up the pen and apply the shit and ur good to go. Hopefully this helps!
Anthony Romo
Anthony Romo Hónapja
One more example of a safe and sane world. Aww gee, he's camera-shy too.
Jack Plays
Jack Plays Hónapja
Not gonna lie I thought the logo was a bird standing on a brain not wearing shoes
Tariq El Ageli
Tariq El Ageli Hónapja
10:13 Ah you little..... bumblebee, nothing to see here...
[Username Deleted]
7:36 Among Us
Quinn Nosbod
Quinn Nosbod Hónapja
I can’t unsee it
Logan Johnson
Logan Johnson Hónapja
i have the same chinese bag..but it says "rape me ok, rob money are not"
氷雨Koori Ame
氷雨Koori Ame Hónapja
It's crazy how everyone is barefoot 😂
Blazin gameing
Blazin gameing Hónapja
his neighbors must think he is crazy
Dmitry Strikov
Dmitry Strikov Hónapja
Did you intentionally use russian church songs on 5:04?
Talha Jobayer
Talha Jobayer Hónapja
5:20 it's kinda creepy that the picture of his nail looks like jesus
Seth Hónapja
Man got a 3rd degree burn and then joked about bacon. Didn't even flinch. Beginning to think you Aussie's just don't feel heat.
Jerry Gizzelbach
Dermel g@ng 🤙🏻
Tyler Johnson
Tyler Johnson Hónapja
You never would think this dude was a liberal snowflake..
[Username Deleted]
@Quinn Nosbod [Reply Deleted]
Quinn Nosbod
Quinn Nosbod Hónapja
[Username Deleted]
Xilck Hónapja
Bosna 🇧🇦🇧🇦
J D Hónapja
I am uncomfortable with the amount of man legs that are in your videos. According to traditional mens clothing etiquette shorts should only be worn on holiday or at an excessively hot place that would necessitate it.
pineapple sideways
Haha, in Australia everyone wears shorts and it's strange not too
Carson Eads
Carson Eads Hónapja
Jesse Gresh
Jesse Gresh Hónapja
Your fingernails look better than mine man. Don't let people's shallow comments bother you. Like myself, you are very talented and your hands can do more than 99+% of people.
Penguin Hónapja
My nails look the same
Padi Engel
Padi Engel Hónapja
Wife comes home: Uh candles, bout to get shwifty Dude: 5:40
Gamer God
Gamer God Hónapja
Among Us brand
Pietro smusi
Pietro smusi Hónapja
runforitman Hónapja
7:35 amugos
Alpog 21
Alpog 21 Hónapja
At first i saw the thumbnail for the video i was like, is that the bd logo? Then a good look then i was like oh I'm such a dumbass.
SkeppysBadDream _
Your pc thing wasn’t plugged into power 🤣
meme Hónapja
Raven Echo
Raven Echo Hónapja
That is a curvy waist o.o
michael routhieaux
Hey guy
Flarrow 1357
Flarrow 1357 Hónapja
AMONG US. He was a head of his time
GRAYgoose124 Hónapja
I used bent paper clips to brand EGO under my heart. Actually turned out good, clean even scar no abherrent keloiding. Despite the thin paperclip it's a 1/4" thick scar now and super readable.
Tim Montanus
Tim Montanus Hónapja
When the imoSTER SUSSYyyyyYyy😂🤣😭😭🗣️⁉️🗣️😭😈😈💀
Liam Stevens
Liam Stevens Hónapja
Hey ferb, I know what we’re gonna do today
Dominic Homm
Dominic Homm Hónapja
Sooo... You thought about the VGA-Cable on your monitor but not about the power plug?
Felipe Hónapja
wahts the name of the song in 6:54 ?
john leslie
john leslie Hónapja
Oh yeah, it’s big brain time
Samuel Allouche
Samuel Allouche Hónapja
fun fact, your nails look like that bc of a genetic mutation: brachydactyly i have the same but only in my thumbs lmfao
Drew Hónapja
6:06 sus haha
kermit the amazing
бонк Hónapja
your fingernail looks sus
KisAwesome Hónapja
Did you actually brand yourself 😂😂
T R A P • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Brand me.
aok76 Hónapja
Me: getting ready to watch the entire ad to support this man. HUrun: doesn't show me any ads and have probably demonitized what's otherwise harmless entertainment.
burnster321 Hónapja
When the music come in, i was expecting a talk about domestic electronics.... my bad
gum master
gum master Hónapja
dum ass
Sean Cleary
Sean Cleary Hónapja
Dude, I wish I had your nails. I can't keep mine short and stuff always gets stuck under them.
The Hooligan
The Hooligan Hónapja
"I wanna reach the ten minute mark. So enjoy that a-" *ad plays* Fuck.
Rafi Augul
Rafi Augul Hónapja
7:36 Amogus
Yeh Doe
Yeh Doe Hónapja
He really branded his brother 😶 I watched it over and over I thought it was faked somehow
Yeh Doe
Yeh Doe Hónapja
@NameyNameName ohhhhh 🤦🏽‍♂️ thank god i was so focused on the brand I thought he just had his shirt pulled up now it’s so obvious lol.
NameyNameName Hónapja
@Yeh Doe yeah? they put something over it, you can see if you pause it looks nothing like skin.
Yeh Doe
Yeh Doe Hónapja
@NameyNameName that shit was smoking though.
NameyNameName Hónapja
it very clearly is
Razurac the Dragon
1:14 Now I have the sudden urge to learn about technology connections...
I made your stupid video ideas!
How to Reduce Baby Unemployment!
TIG TAWK! AC Welding Aluminum