3 Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse 

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We need to embrace climate change. Let me tell you why!

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2019.dec. 8.






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I did a thing
My favorite tree burnt down and now i have no one to talk to. So please talk to me on Twitter: twitter.com/ididathing1 Discord: Discord: discord.gg/FMAgmBk
Bag 5 napja
How tall r u sir You look very long
Elder Frost
Elder Frost 25 napja
discord link seems to have expired, same for other videos. haven't seen it on any more recent videos. is there a reason?
Raging chicken nugget Man
Yes Twitter and discord is where we found the facts this is amazing I should do that more
Hi 3 hónapja
@Charles Ott well the Arctic is melting a lot faster and there r more fires so how can u explain it getting that much hotter
SquidKabbabs 3 hónapja
his tinkle may have been sweet from a chemical called urea found in urine and it is a natural sweetener
Jwadb 333
Jwadb 333 17 órája
gamerman 6 napja
not a
hello 7 napja
~ 1:20 i recognise the theme music from "a serbian film" i see youre a coinesseur too. 👌🤣
Nathan Reich
Nathan Reich 8 napja
That's racist and mean
Zach Isaac
Zach Isaac 8 napja
Harlan Young
Harlan Young 9 napja
i doandjiawbd
Benjamin Kerr
Benjamin Kerr 13 napja
Your shoes
RageCatalyst 13 napja
7:48 Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't sweet urine a symptom of type 2 diabetes?
bing Liu
bing Liu 14 napja
excellent url
Edwin Duran
Edwin Duran 15 napja
KanuTah yToMKa
KanuTah yToMKa 15 napja
sweet means he has diabetes
Bezgni 16 napja
Фу, мерзко))))))
Xander Moseley
Xander Moseley 17 napja
You are so racist
Rory Odea
Rory Odea 18 napja
If you blew the balloons up that meanz they're full of co2
Another Ness Main
TheDoodes 20 napja
1:32 What the flip...
Radu Ortelecan
Radu Ortelecan 20 napja
the music you used. God damn that movie...
THEGreat guy
THEGreat guy 20 napja
i did a thing: i watched this from troom troom people when realised i did a thing wathed troom troom: ITS THE APOCALYPSE
GAGA50 21 napja
Yesss im from a country that does guarantee survival
Elder Frost
Elder Frost 25 napja
Glorious, the humor is great. Also those sources are spot on, very useful information.
Mr. Spleens
Mr. Spleens 25 napja
If your an Australian you know about survival
Jayanth Devaraneni
the troom troom straw wont work
DailyPunch 4 napja
That was the joke
Brady Gaisser
Brady Gaisser 27 napja
NO, don't punch like that. Gonna break your bones
me me
me me 28 napja
1:36 +10 wood
TheHappyKamper 28 napja
I heard Bill Gates does actually drink his own piss, but it has nothing to do with survival or being environmentally friendly.
TapToRap Hónapja
TRAST ME im not going to read
Karolina Hónapja
O square, sure : )
Tucker Giberson
Tucker Giberson Hónapja
Thanks for the sauces, they were delicious
Stupidish Guy
Stupidish Guy Hónapja
The first 1:08 in and I’m already laughing
dearain678 dino nuggies clan
you shouldnt imbrce climate chang becauce one of those fires could kill you
Universal Hónapja
Me: **Starts throwing plastic bottles everywhere so humanity will survive**
[Username Deleted]
6:40 He still uses the plastic bowl
A Cake
A Cake Hónapja
Do people understand that pee is not water
Jimmy Reyz
Jimmy Reyz Hónapja
Dude put some SHOES on you weirdo
elliott stubblefield
please tell me this is all a joke or you are a jerk
DailyPunch 4 napja
Its clearly a joke
Ian’s Gaming
Ian’s Gaming Hónapja
Who is glad they weren't eating
Maryann Kudo
Maryann Kudo Hónapja
11:19 ????? Philipins???????
Hamstreak Hónapja
You're an aussie. You already know enough about survival.
SavVvy-y Hónapja
“And there you go never ending rope, now just keep pulling until it ends 4:06
Eric McAlexander
Sociopolitical commentary is not what I expected but I am happy with it
Yolu Olan Adam
Yolu Olan Adam Hónapja
Isn't that Srpski's soundtrack?
Nae Nae Man
Nae Nae Man Hónapja
watched it after burning a dispo spliff and is a very good video that made me think.
I did a thing
I did a thing Hónapja
cheers mate
Nae Nae Man
Nae Nae Man Hónapja
very good video
Mark Novak Žorž
i got cyberpunk wibes at the begining
Ruhday Hónapja
8:00 why is he trying so hard to drink piss
Insecurity of Hope
I don’t even...remember hearing any tips
Kayla Quicke
Kayla Quicke Hónapja
My fave part of the vid was the cow making monkey mustard
Dylan Minecraft
Dylan Minecraft Hónapja
"knows nothing about survival".. proceeds to do the first step, punching a tree
Motif Hónapja
Man, this video is reminding me of Grant Thompson. What a legend.
Semper Sapidum
Semper Sapidum Hónapja
Ngl that montage at the beginning goes hard
Gl3gaming Hónapja
Continues to make fucking mustard gas
KasVos Hónapja
You full out went Minecraft on the forest.
Indotoast Hónapja
he made f ing cloroform and then breathed it in like a f ing champ
SharK Person
SharK Person Hónapja
Kinda feel bad for those people who think he was being serious in the intro
Sougata Mondal
Sougata Mondal Hónapja
we're all going to die aren't we?
J S Hónapja
Your video makes me want to drink oil.
Harrison Groetsch
Dog that song in beginning gave me the biggest Ralph the movie make merry vibe eva
Martin Westaway
Martin Westaway Hónapja
Um you need to open the bottom of the life straw then drink
jc sj
jc sj Hónapja
Protozoa are not bacteria. Seriously brilliant video though. Insanely clever and informative.
Psycho Diary
Psycho Diary Hónapja
A somewhat clear pee the healthy type, good job! Maybe you eat well and get well-hydrated everyday?
Psycho Diary
Psycho Diary Hónapja
Lmao when the guy walked out and started talking Random Russian comments 2:07 also the detail of him holding vodka
palacsinta la palacsinta dö STONKS
*me watching this idiot drinking pee my brain: i wanna kill myself
「ZED」 Hónapja
lol global warming is a myth my dude.
DailyPunch 4 napja
How is global warming a myth? Give me some evidence that it is not real
Bnjm Turtle
Bnjm Turtle Hónapja
aww.. your brain must not be able to produce a single reasonable thought ... so tragic :(
Kriste Isopahkala
The beginning of the video is like from a Black Mirror episode.
DrTubeman Hónapja
My fav sauce is not listed, sauce racist much!
Kieran Bratson
Kieran Bratson Hónapja
yeah most of that was steam...
Jack Rogers, Jr.
Lol Ebola tho!
Bjarkus Hónapja
Fun fact: Sol Intse is actually a pretty good film
jerklaw Hónapja
Pretty sure that fire was for back burning, but u aren’t completely wrong.
Michael reasen
Michael reasen Hónapja
the life straw had the cap on
The angry German Lad
So surviveing Australia
Sebastian Bush
Sebastian Bush Hónapja
ILY 3000 Bobby
Sigurd Jensen
Sigurd Jensen Hónapja
100% survival guarantee in Denmark. Nice
11:20 :/ ehm how about the netherlands xDDD
Bubba Kushington
The clip of the ocean with a bunch of our garbage in if is absolutely painful to look at.
Jordan Hónapja
this was funny until I saw the burnt koala and the children... that was so depressing and heartbreaking
Juhis Hónapja
Same I hate children too
Riso-191 Hónapja
1:32 ........ Just why lol
László Erdős
László Erdős Hónapja
wtf? 😂
Daniel Buckley
Daniel Buckley Hónapja
if his piss is sweet then he might have diabetes
DailyPunch 4 napja
He did not drink his owns piss
rue sameh
rue sameh Hónapja
i read the sauces it is real dont read the last two they are usless
Kipton Ayers
Kipton Ayers Hónapja
why does he never wear shoes he literally crazy
JohnnyAppleW33D Hónapja
Very late, but you need ACTIVATED charcoal 😂
Destroyer Central
No we should probably stop polluting
Spectrum Hónapja
When you create the life saver water filter you need to put water in the tube where the rocks go then it will drip fresh water
Punk rock Bunny
Punk rock Bunny Hónapja
If Russians watched u they would have loved that bit LMAO
Vomer Conch
Vomer Conch Hónapja
I think you forgot gravy in the description
Random.MP4 Hónapja
POV: You couldn't tell Cute Little Bobby to stop
Sieglinde de Boer
With this whole setup of your videos you belong to the top tier of channels. Really.
Raiden Case
Raiden Case Hónapja
Seeing as his first 3 sources were condiments i really didnt expect him to have real sources XD
Danny Vanzandt
Danny Vanzandt Hónapja
Ayo this kinda hits hard rn
Jenna Peterson
Jenna Peterson Hónapja
The oxygen water bottle !! So smart
Jenna Peterson
Jenna Peterson Hónapja
“Keep pulling the never ending rope until it ends”
kotsoteka Hónapja
I'm so jealous of your Russian olympic jacket
Damien McFaul
Damien McFaul Hónapja
Mortemsan Hónapja
wow you actually used the milk carton bowl
Guthrie Bowers
Guthrie Bowers 2 hónapja
This guy’s channel is satire done right
hamza shelleh
hamza shelleh 2 hónapja
The cynical start accidentally alert because screwdriver realistically embarrass qua a craven land. ashamed, obeisant library
abeille 2 hónapja
youtube really wanted me to watch this video
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