I did a thing
I did a thing
I did a thing
Feliratkozás 1,7 M
I like to do things so come watch me
Paul Thorwesten
Paul Thorwesten 6 órája
The only authentic house review. Everything else is just „Real estate“
Verestóy János
Verestóy János 6 órája
Ferb! I know what will we do today!
kenan sara
kenan sara 7 órája
Ja wollim twoje wideos
MadBunnyRabbit 9 órája
How's the cat situation? (:
freddie freeman
freddie freeman 9 órája
MadBunnyRabbit 9 órája
I know it's a joke, but cat's dominance hierarchy differs from that of dogs. Dog, if raised wrongly (and I don't mean abusing the dog) will absolutely become the alpha of the house. It becomes your boss. Cats on the other hand take ownership of a territory. The higher in the hierarchy, the bigger the teritory. My old cat had like three different spots that were his favorie and would defend it. His scratcher was one such thing. But rest of the house was pretty much at my disposal. The new cat is very timid and I feel like his territory is in places he can hide, which is a bit sad. Another interesting fact is that dogs actually behave differently around humans while cats treat us the same way they would other cats. So who's being a manipulative schemer? btw. loved the video!
quellenathanar 9 órája
So instead of buying dog urine...get a free dog urine making machine.
First name Last name
I was first confused when I saw him smear honey on his keyboard and then he said “Awwww, honey” and I audibly said “fuck you”
No Name
No Name 10 órája
what's the name of that song towards the beginning its been stuck in my head for days.
anaisac1992 11 órája
Water guns.
lborlet 11 órája
I’m surprised the electric ray didn’t hurt more, those things are what torpedos are named after
GamingJuli 12 órája
For the initials "JT" you missed on the joke "Jason the Ruler".
Logan Ryan
Logan Ryan 12 órája
19:21 That's called buying a 50-cal rifle
Richard Connor
Richard Connor 12 órája
I had no idea magpies sounded like that... that's awesome.
Liam 13 órája
For the entire first part of the video it's pretty tame but the second the animals arrive it is complete chaos.
bastardAmphibian 14 órája
This video is like pure endorphins for me
Kenzie Ardhani
Kenzie Ardhani 14 órája
When Dani Look This Video Dani:*exhales*
Tanner Maple
Tanner Maple 15 órája
I don’t know what ur being fed in Australia but many of these protest are far from peaceful
juju 6 órája
dear god shut up please
Tanner Maple
Tanner Maple 12 órája
@Tomings explain pls
Tomings 12 órája
Weird how upset people get when you execute people for nonviolent alleged crimes
Sheba DogeYT
Sheba DogeYT 15 órája
Those guys that just laid down the chain are fucking dumb, the clip showed him violently slashing the chain rather then laying it down.
Fillidam KKS
Fillidam KKS 16 órája
I fink that Joel won....
eric vallesholm
eric vallesholm 17 órája
do you have a tik tok
sunkenproject 18 órája
what's the song in the intro??
Jwadb 333
Jwadb 333 18 órája
Flawless Gaming
Flawless Gaming 19 órája
6:41 nooooooooooooooooooooooo technoblade
Kazuma Kemlo
Kazuma Kemlo 19 órája
Bro he has a Greek yoghurt bucket full of condoms
My name jeff910
My name jeff910 20 órája
I bit so hard I bled
Alberto Martinez
Alberto Martinez 22 órája
He should work for the gungeon
missingindy 22 órája
Man, that peon tree frog is just straight up VIBIN’
Peter Piccone
Peter Piccone 22 órája
You gotta love that live cello in the backround
missingindy 22 órája
ngl your couch looks comfy as fuck, and probably is more comfortable than my couch, which I think is made out of the same material you use to sand down objects
missingindy 22 órája
I thought you were going to knock me unconscious and bury me alive at the end
missingindy 23 órája
Fun fact: tampons were originally used to plug up bullet wounds in ww1
missingindy 23 órája
“Sir, why are you buying 36 tampons.” “I’m making a super sonic gun out of a nerf gun and using it to shoot tampons” “Oh, so the usual Saturday”
missingindy 23 órája
Hey bro, be careful when sharpening the knife, if it’s too sharp you won’t be able to feel pain when cut by it, but you will probably be in pain from the bleeding part
missingindy 23 órája
I’m not a blacksmith, and I’ve never met one (but I have met a glass smith before) but I’d say you did great!
nikolassilos _
nikolassilos _ 23 órája
Maybe it’s just me but the guy from I Did a Think is unironically extremely attractive
missingindy 23 órája
So wear a gas mask, a helmet and a bulle- I mean.. tough guy vest
Nanami _
Nanami _ 23 órája
Rewatching the old videos made me realize how lacking it is to have no music and no apron
missingindy 23 órája
Fun fact: spider webs are a valid option for the bullet catching layer of a vest, if I remember correctly..
juju 6 órája
a certain type of spiders are used to make tough ass webs that are used for bulletproof shit
Jechew Napja
Historians in the future are going to have a hard time figuring out these monoliths
Luke smith
Luke smith Napja
Omg funny pun after funny pun
Where did you put the huntsman Also use the flamethrower to burn it please
Pyro teamfortress2
You guys sound like RussianBadger’s interpretation of a British accent, besides the actual guy, as in the guy that’s doing the filming, as in the actual I Did A Thing
E D L O Napja
8:03 Trump when he saw 2 girls 1 cup
Random gaming central
10:35 that joke tho 😶
Am I the only one who is wondering why his fork is completely flat
Tree-kun Napja
7:14 Among us hat
The Great Hesam
he actually did put a link in the description
Abnormally Large Frog
11:40 Fire Aspect IV
Pa Ca
Pa Ca Napja
Chinese authority: catches an with man catcher suspect: pulls out gun Chinese authority: *WAIT THATS ILLEGIAL*
The Great Hesam
why are your nails so short, do you chew them? bad bad boy
Wesley Adams
This seems like it'll turn into "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly" before long
M Talha Khalid
Requiem for a dream hahahahahah😅😅😅
M Talha Khalid
Why you hate cat so much🤔🤔
M Talha Khalid
Thumbnail look like cat is on marijuna
M Talha Khalid
All you need is a spam folder
evangellic Napja
this channel is such a fever dream
dethraft Napja
Not kidding youtube put a commercial right where you said you would never put a commercial. It was a fucking vacuume commercial wtf dude that sux
gofres Napja
Surely we can all agree, this is the best channel on TY.... why are these guys not bajillionaires like poodypye yet? More likes people!
fan_tasia Napja
When i did a thing finds stuff, he automatically claims it as his.
Evan S
Evan S Napja
Birds really are freaky
it's discard
I did this and a can see for miles
I’m assuming that you are the owner of the world’s biggest scrapyard with how much scrap metal you have
Fremzenec Napja
Alexander Oyston
Aunty Donnaaaa
Polly g
Polly g Napja
man im having a freak out two identical Australian chanels with cats eating their animals turnah81 is that your brother????
Romy Haik
Romy Haik Napja
3:23 Ruthless
Fremzenec Napja
John Greene
If a normal man can subdue someone that is 250 and 6’5 im sold
FrOst Gabi
FrOst Gabi Napja
Dayum y'all paying 20$ for a cig pack?
Darrian Kowalski
Bye me a plane ticket then
insanity wolf
I think he should have cracked that egg and put it in his eyes.
Vinicius Bündchen
i hate david
Memicus Icecreamicus
8:35 As a American I am highly offended by this. I don't carry a pistol in my sock, that's where I keep my submachine guns, you know, the light weaponry.
SodaCan Napja
He’s so smart that he put ice age in his fridge.
k p
k p Napja
Where is the 26 Julio banner?
Immortui Praebibo
What's that song at the beginning?